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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AG Gonzalez Unable to Supervise Terror Screening Center

Contrary to denials by the Attorney General, he does have enough time to review the evidence related to reckless conduct within DoJ. He has the Inspector General and the DOJ OPR.

The Attorney General has recklessly handled his duties, asking Congress for assistance. In the wake of the US Attorney firings, and, [ Direct link: ] we might speculate what kind of non-sense is going on inside the Department of Justice. Speculate no longer.

We proudly present the results of an investigation showing that the so called war on terror is not a high priority for this AG. Please encourage Congressman Conyers and the House Judiciary Committee to review the time cards at the TSC.

You will see that staff are not working on "big scary issues" like the President and Attorney General would like you to think they are doing. Rather, they are goofing off, using official government computers for non official purposes.

* * *

In the wake of the DOJ IG findings on illegal DOJ Staff counsel conduct and failures to fully comply with statue, the worst thing the Attorney General could be told was there was more bad news and evidence of other problems.

Sure enough, it exists. Terrorist Screening Center is a place where they take information, make decisions, and help prepare FISA and NSLs.

Small problem: The Attorney General, despite the DOJ IG findings that there was illegal activity inside DoJ, cannot explain why his staff was not fully complying with procedures. It's not as though they didn't have the time, resources, or manpower to follow the law.

There is evidence of this. The issue isn't training, but leadership and reckless management of finite resources against specific targets. NSL cannot credibly be issued or requested on the grounds that there is "not enough time" to do the paperwork. The DoJ IG reports the so called emergencies were illusory.

We have evidence that the so-called manning shortage -- otherwise used as an excuse to violate the law -- does not exist. It appears the DOJ Staff and contractors assigned to this OSIS-related area do not have enough to do; but suffer from a management problem.

The information below warrants audit scope increase per Statement of Accounting Standard 99. Judiciary needs information from CFE on the scope of hits apparent recklessness; and a clear explanation why DoJ IG and DOJ OPR have not been able to, or have not independently attempted, to do a time check of DOJ Staff assigned to Gonzalez; and their relationship with the TSC, NSLs, and other FISA mandatory requirements.


OSIS is party of the cloaking system which the US government uses to hide which government agency is doing what.

However, the President and Attorney General have a problem. OSIS can be tracked; or it is compromised.

We give you the evidence.

Contrary to AG Gonzalez denials that he was "too busy" to handle FISA warrants, or that he was "too busy" chasing terrorists to bother following the law, the staff at the terrorist screening center are actually doing something quite different.

Despite Congress saying we can't afford a debate on national security issues because it would "upset" the "very busy" US government employees, the time cards for US government employees and contractors related to TSC will show you otherwise.

Personnel are not well supervised. They know when they can use official government resources for non-official purposes.

* * *

Questions For AG Gonzalez and President

___ Why are you asking your White House counsel to spew forth propaganda about being "too busy" in this "war on terror," yet your personnel are not doing what they are supposed to do?

___ What evidence can you present to Congress show that your personnel are "too buys" to comply with legal requirements?

___ What data do you have that your staffing is short?

___ What methods are you using to prove that there is too much work, but not enough employees?

___ Why is the Terrorist Screening Center not putting 100% of its time into Terror Screening?

___ Is there a reason why information from the translators is not being timely acted on; or for the excuses to rebuff Sibel Edmond's concerns?

* * *

The President and Gonzalez have no answers because they cannot manage. The personnel under the control are not doing their jobs; are not too busy; and contrary to assertions to Congress, there is plenty of staff to do what they are doing: Nothing.


Ref Look at the information gleaned through OSIS which has updated the TSC information.

___ Who inside TSC is making this update?

___ Which OSIS-related contractor knows enough about the DOJ TSC system to place these remarks; but they are on contract to "fight terrorism"?

___ Ref What relationship do the DOJ Contractors have with Chris Danzo?

___ Who specifically in the 24-hour call center has not enough to do, but is using official DoJ contract resources for non official purposes? Ref?

___ What is the relationship between the Attorney General, the President and Andrew R. Reynolds? Ref

___ What is the relationship between the TSC and Kathy Telford, Pruitt, Damian A. Hess, and the feline code name "Capone"? Ref

* * *

The Conduct Exists On Both Sides Of The Line

Imagine the US Attorney firings as a discrete event. The events above are after the decision.

Small problem: The offending behavior -- that of using official resources for non official purposes while the President and Attorney General said they were too busy to follow FISA was happening before the US Attorney firings occurred.

Ref Here's the evidence that the above is not isolated to the TSC, but crosses into the DOJ Staff counsel's area.

Not only were Staff counsel in 2005 discussing firing US Attorneys for "underperforming," the DOJ Staff was [wait for it] not performing:

___ Violating the law

___ Assenting to illegal warfare

___ Targeting counsel attempting to assert Geneva

___ Not getting the required warrants as required under FISA and the Constitution

___ Blocking DOJ OPR from reviewing illegal activity by DOJ Staff counsel

* * *


I would prefer, if the AG is going to prattle about being confused, that he consult those in DoJ who have a clue about surfing the Internet. Obviously someone knows how to read.

It is time the Attorney General learn how to read leadership books. Perhaps with this Attorney General his idea of reading is to find ways to violate the law, not follow what is within the four corners of the Contract. He appears to have a reading problem; we question whether he understands fully, as required, what his oath of office means.

Either the Attorney General violated his oath; or despite his legal training he does not understand what he is agreeing to do: Fully assert his oath to preserve the Constitution, not make excuses to let it fall into disrepair. Creating a sham system of appointments which circumvents the Constitutional appointment requirements hardly justifies confidence he is fully complying with 5 USC 3331.

Congress has no power to "authorities" unconstitutional procedures for Attorney Appointments. It is illegal for DOJ Staff counsel to enforce, implement, follow, or put into practice any unconstitutional act. Adherence to these procedures, if they are connected with war crimes, could be a matter for war crimes prosecutors to adjudicate before a tribunal.


1. AG Gonzalez has fatally asserted that he is too stressed out, worked too hard, doesn't know what to do, and is unable to know what is going on. DoJ IG and DOJ OPR are not doing adequate time utilization studies to credibly challenge DOJ Personnel to remain focused on their jobs. This is a management problem.

2. It is appropriate to increase audit scope, and do some sampling of DoJ Staff employee resource utilization by department. We the People need some information on what DOJ Staff have been really doing during this so called "Global" war on terror. It appears the TSC and DOJ Contractors have enough time to goof off, but "not enough time" to follow the NSL procedures. Big problem for them.

3. Time to do some contract audits using GSA and review the billing codes. I would like to know what effort, if any, is being done to sample the meeting minutes on selected DOJ IG visits to various Federal Highway Programs. We need to find out what DOJ IG has been really doing; and an independent audit of the Billing Codes is needed: What were the travel objectives; why were DoJ IG auditors visiting this particular meeting; and why is DOJ IG saying that it has no time or lack of resources to do various audits; and what is DOJ OPR view on the use of DOJ IG assets for external visits to the Federal Highway Programs.

4. Is there a reason that the GOP is blocking the IRS from reviewing the website [direct link to this content: ]; or is there another reason why the White House counsel is targeting IRS employees attempting to trace the campaign funds which appear to have not been properly reported to the IRS?