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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Criminal Charges Against President, Members of Congress, Staff Counsel: Constitutional Breaches in re Unlawful Appointments

Please forward the following information to the political leadership in your state. Request you discuss this information personally with staff counsel and, if possible, with the Attorney General of your State.

Please remind your state officials of their legal obligation to protect the Constitution.

This is a draft Grand Jury indictment you may wish to discuss with your state officials.

* * *

Authority: Ref

Allegations: 5 USC 3331 violations

The White House e-mails provided to the House Judiciary Committee are revealing. They show the following:

Count 1: Illegal abrogation of US Constitution;

Count 2: Failure to comply with the Amendment Process;

Count 3: Unlawful assent to illegal procedures;

Count 4: Refusal to comply and enforce the US Constitutional requirements;

Count 5: Failure to provide a guaranteed enforcement mechanism to the State.

* * *


Ref State-level Prosecutors may lawfully prosecute a sitting President. US Attorneys have no power to block States from Enforcing Constitution.

Ref Denial of States' Right to republican government: GOP and DNC Jointly Targeting State Officials to Thwart States From Protecting Constitution, denying a full enforcement mechanism [Article IV, Section 4]

Ref Documented decisions to breach Constitution, not assert oath, and retaliate against prosecutors [Oath of Office: Domestic Enemies, Article VI; Article V Prohibits Congress and President Changing to Constitutional Appointment Requirements, Unless States Agree With That New Procedure With An Amendment]

Ref Documented Presidential direction to violate the law; and Staff counsel complicity, breach of Attorney Standards of Conduct

Ref Probable cause to expand State disbarment investigation against named DOJ Staff counsel for alleged breaches of Attorney Standards of Conduct [State Disciplinary Board; Duty to Report Attorney-Peer Misconduct]

Ref Mouting evidence fraud risks ignored; major failure with internal controls and Inspector Generals and Corporate Boards in identifying, preventing and reporting illegal activity. [State Corporate Governance; Loan Covenants]

Ref Witness impeachment: Asserted time lines do not match real Staff Counsel conduct [Probable cause]

Ref Rove linked to same pattern of conduct Libby indicted for [Unresolved legal issued not confronted by Federal Government]


1. The President, Staff Counsel, DoJ personnel, and Members of Congress jointly agreed to abrogate the Constitution. The Constitution requires Senate confirmation of all US Attorneys. The President and Members of Congress jointly agreed to illegal modifications to the Constitution; by passed the mandatory Constitutional requirements; and pretended that a lesser standard was acceptable.

2. The President, Staff counsel, DoJ Personnel, and Members of Congress had a duty to fully enforce the Constitution. They breached this duty. They assented to unlawful procedures, passed and enforced specific acts which violated the Constitution, and did not timely enforce the law. These are breaches of their oath of office.

3. The President, Staff counsel, DoJ personnel, and Members of Congress agreed to a fiction: That the US Attorneys had resigned; and that interim replacements were required. The facts in the White House e-mail show the opposite: Members of Congress and the President knew that the firings were linked with his desire to put into place permanent US Attorneys which the Constitution requires Senate confirmation. The President, Staff counsel, and Members of Congress knowingly participated in a sham to thwart the Constitution, and left the Constitution in an impermissibly inferior state.

* * *

It is serious business to charge Members of Congress, the President, and Staff counsel with grave breaches of heir oath of office. We the People have been left with few alternatives. This President and Congress have illegally:

assented to unlawful violations of the Constitution;

refused to assert their oath requiring the Constitution be protected;

denied the states with an enforcement mechanism;

thwarted enforcement of the Constitution;

refused to debate and discuss legal requirements to compel full compliance with the Constitution

assented to illegal warfare;

provided funds for unlawful things;

refused to assert their power to shut down funding for illegal acts of Congress;

pretended that their illegal rebellion was something We the People could do nothing about;

refused to direct the President to appoint special investigators to prosecute those who have violated the Supreme Law;

thwarted efforts by We the People to compel the Congress to confront these issues;

denied the States of an enforcement mechanism of the Constitution;

refused to put the evidence on the table for prosecution, impeachment, or open discussion in the House or Senate;

enabled war criminals to hide evidence, not respond to inquiry, and violate the Geneva Conventions.

* * *

It cannot be argued that the Americans government is legitimate. The precedents in case law require We the People to remain loyal to this Constitution; but this Congress and President are not loyal to the same.

It matters little whether one faction or the other has power, the results are the same:

Refuel to protect the Constitution;

Impermissibly leaving the Constitution in an inferior state;

Refusing to enforce the supreme Law;

Thwarting state efforts to do what Members of Congress refuse to do: Assert their oath to Protection the Constitution.

* * *

It would be appropriate for the Congressional leadership and individual Members of Congress and President to jointly explain in writing:

- Why are they thwarting the US Constitution which requires Senate confirmation;

- What is the reason for their refusal to assent to the clear Constitutional requirements mandating senate confirmation;

- Who do they think they are fooling pretending that a permanent change in US Attorneys is anything other than a condition requiring the Senate to approve the new US Attorney.

- What is the Explanation of Congress in pretending that the Constitutional clause is debatable, or that a lesser standard can be enforced.

* * *

The American leadership is jointly assenting to unlawful breaches of the Supreme Law. The Congress is pretending that the Constitutional requirement does not exist; and that the Senate has the power to "block" changes in legislation which weld restore the Constitution.

No. Congress has power to debate or pass legislation to "restore" anything that was never lawfully changed. Whether the Senate does or does not debate the issue is irrelevant. The current procedures permitting breaches of the Constitution are not lawful.

Rather, the opposite is true: All efforts of the Congress, Staff counsel, and President to not fully assert their oath, enforce lesser standards, or pretend that conditions warrant violations of the Constitution is evidence of a breach of the oath of office, 5 USC 3331.

* * *

States Attorney Generals have the power to prosecute sitting Presidents. The case law well supports issuing indictments.

When the Federal Government for whatever reason, chooses to breach their legal obligation and guarantee to the state -- that there remains an enforcement mechanism -- the State may lawfully prosecute Members of Congress and the President who have breached this legal obligation.

* * *


The line of evidence from the White House e-mail on the US Attorney firings is stunning. The issue turns to whether the United States will or will not enforce the law. Until the United States enforces the law, the States may legally prosecute Members of Congress and the President.

There have been grave breaches of the Supreme Law. Members of Congress, the President, and Staff counsel have created, assented to, and not stopped unlawfully breaches of the Supreme Law.

It is serious business when the elected officials, appointed prosecutors, and law enforcement refuse to enforce the Supreme Law. It is disturbing when, in the wake of this illegal rebellion, Members of Congress are actively thwarting State efforts to assert their oath and protect the Constitution.

It is appropriate to prosecute Members of Congress for their illegal rebellion and unlawful assent to unconstitutional procedures. Efforts to discuss, debate, and plead have proven ineffectual. The President and Members of Congress have jointly agreed not to assert their oath; assent to illegal Constitutional provisions; and have not provided an enforcement mechanism.

One of the last options left to the States is to do what the US Government refuses to do: Enforce the law through State level prosecutions of the President, Members of Congress and DOJ Staff counsel.


1. State Attorney Generals should prosecute the President, Members of Congress, and Staff counsel for their alleged 5 USC 3331 violations.

2. All evidence gleaned during these adjudications should be turned over to the State Disciplinary Boards for Disbarment proceedings.

3. Staff counsel convicted of this illegal activity should be disbarred.