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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sampson Defense Counsel Berenson Allegedly Complicit With Illegal Activity

Ref Curious when DoJ Officials can only reach out to alleged war criminals for assistance.

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Brad Berenson as counsel to defendant-witness Sampson: How is that going to work? Berenson allegedly knew of the illegal rendition and prisoner abuse.

There's a problem if the attorney is being called as a witness as the review expands. Arguably, Berenson has been part of the original alleged illegal activity, obstruction, and White House complicity with the violations.

Berenson self reported that he was aware of the illegal abuse, prisoner transfer, and Geneva violations in countries the US openly had an adversarial relationship.

The country which Berenson appears to have knowledge of, and which the White House counsel's office was aware, were the prisoner transfers, illegal abuse, and mistreatment in Syria.

The same line of inquiry in re US Attorney firings would most likely show Berenson and others were aware of illegal prisoner abuse.

This is a problem because, in the White House e-mails and release, Griffin is identified as having JAG experience. He should have been in a position to highlight the 5100.77 Laws of War issues.

The White House documents show that White House counsel discusses matters with public affairs, DOJ Legislative Liaison, and the White House political office. Brad Dayspring would have been in a position, as public affairs liaison, to be aware of White House legal counsel discussions and concerns on the rendition and illegal prisoner abuse.

It can hardly be suggested Brad Berenson, unrelated to Brad Dayspring, will be able to provide independent legal advice. He is allegedly complicit with war crimes, illegal prisoner abuse, and is likely to be called as a witness, if not a defendant, before Congress and a war crimes tribunal.