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Friday, March 16, 2007

Leahy Rejects Fiction That Executive Branch Can "Allow" Anything

Ref Senator Leahy recognizes the Attorney General has no power or input to "allow" subpoenas. Congress is a different branch of government.

* * *

The video may send a wake up to the President: He has no power to "allow" the FISA court do its job; nor "allow" the Congress to follow the Constitution; nor "allow" the witnesses to appear.

___ President does not oversee the Congress or the Courts

___ President was not delegated any "judicial oversight" or "legislative oversight" power

___ President took an oath to do the opposite: Fully enforce the law, not make exuseds for his illegal activity, FISA violations, and illegal war crimes

Congress has the independent power to issue subpoenas. Whether the Attorney General "allows" this is meaningless drivel. Congress can independently subpoena anyone.

The Attorney General and other witnesses could be arrested and prosecuted for refusing to cooperate or appear.

Leahy rejects the Executive Branch non-sense that they have any say on whether they will or will not comply with inquiry, the law, or the Constitution. He has no choice: He took an oath to do what he refuses to do: Enforce the law against all.