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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Serious Doubts About White House Attorney Hiring, Screening Process

What does this say about White House counsel: Are they as incompetent as this Member of Congress suggests; or are they just good at finding stand-ins for the bar exam?

On the eve of a war crimes tribunal, the last thing a President wants to learn is he's got stupid counsel.

It appears there is a problem with the White House legal screening process. Members of Congress have openly questioned the competence of White House counsel screening of US Attorneys.

We can only speculate what flaws in this attorney screening process exist; or how these failures did not adequately root out arguably stupid, incompetent attorneys who have a hard time understanding their oath of office, Constitution, Geneva Conventions, or the [wait for it] idea of "rule of law."

* * *

Rep. Rahm Emanuel House Democratic Caucus Chairman

"The White House either hired a bunch of incompetent U.S. attorneys to start with, or hired a bunch of competent U.S attorneys that were incompetently fired." Ref

___ How many times do you read the word "incompetent" linked with the word "White House" and "attorney"? I count two [2].

___ What would possibly prompt a Member of Congress to use the word "incompetent" unless he had a good reason?

___ Is there something about the White House counsel's hiring and oversight of US Attorneys that warrants attention; or is the problem in the DOJ Staff area?

___ Does this suggest that despite the fallout of the DOJ IG report over the illegal activity DoJ Staff counsel had permitted -- unlawfully issuing NSLs without the required backup; and no follow-up -- that somehow we are to believe that things are just fine?

___ Whatever happened to the idea of "rule of law" and "attorney standards of conduct"?

___ Is there a problem with the American Bar Association and their apparent failure to conduct credible peer reviews to identify screening problems within the White House?

___ Is there something on the table that outside counsel and US Attorneys have a disagreement on?

___ What could possibly motivate the President to illegally target US Prosecutors for them having fully asserted their oath?

___ Why is outside counsel working on a Sunday evening, attempting to prepare for the data dump from DOJ: Do they know something; or is the call from the White House counsel's office "Frantic, frantic, frantic."

* * *

As you might have imagined, today was a lovely day in the District of Columbia. The buffoons on K Street have been hurrying around, scurrying their little selves, hoping to catch a glimpse of Valarie Plame, super secret agent which convicted-liar Libby decided to do weird things with.

But enough of horse racing, let's talk about the big issue of the day: The wonderful legal counsel late night partying activity. In the halls of America’s leadership centers, a few lone attorneys read case law late into the night, typing away, scanning the web pages, hoping to find something that will save their client.

It was a busy weekend. Then they realized one thing: They had spent countless minutes reading drivel. But no matter, they'll bill the client, nobody will bother to notice. If they scream loud enough on the talking head shows and issue more drivel maybe the world will not notice.

Then again, maybe they'll awaken from their delusion and accept their fate: They're smack in the middle of the greatest political show on earth: The undoing of a tyrant; the impending downfall of a President gone raving mad; the demise of a political machine that can't find enough Band-Aids for homeless, flooded Americans one year on.

But enough of the Republican headquarters, drenched by the towering waves of liberty, resonating to the chorus of We the People, shaking with the prospect that one of their own might take the fatal fall for the sake of the party. That's right: Barney is on the rebound, but ready to go.

* * *

On Monday, call your lawyer friends and ask them this question:

___ What's round, stupid looking, and wears glasses while seeing ways to expand evil, undermine the rule of law, and perpetuate non-sense under the guise of partisan loyalty?

A. Elmer Fudd

B. A beach ball with vision problems

C. Gonzalez' Sampson.

* * *

Monday is going to be a big day. It's the day when the legal community gets their wake up call: "You spend the weekend worrying about things you should have worried about from day one. It's too late."

The American legal community let down America. They did not police their own. The illegal activity was not ended. The audits failed.

___ Why should the clients pay for this kind of legal non-sense?

___ What is the plan to disbar people who have recklessly defied their oath?

___ What is Sampson's explanation for his inconsistent statements?

___ Did Gonzalez really have a complaint filed against him at the Texas Bar; or were opposing counsel merely throwing up another smokescreen?

* * *

If you ever get a chance to visit Chicago in the spring time, you'll get a treat. The trees have blossomed, the boats in the canal are a lovely sight, and then there's the lovely view of legal offices burning the late night oil.

Some counsel are brilliant. Others, well let's just say that they have loser clients, and counsel that is part of the problem, not the solution. What more could you expect of lazy counsel who refuse to do their job, make excuses, and then pretend what they were doing was just right.

Might as well hire Goldilocks: She's just right, even when she's wrong. Too bad Goldilocks doesn't know the attorney standards of conduct, or how to disbar counsel allegedly complicit with war crimes, prisoner abuse, and failures to assert their attorney standards of conduct.

Imagine what would have happened to the three bears if they had embarked on endless discovery: How many houses might they have ruffled through looking for the evidence; and when they found it, would they have done the right thing, or the wrong thing?

It's always interesting what happens when counsel fatally opens their doors, leaves the lights on, and forgets to disconnect the power. Strange what happens when the electrons start flowing, the mind tends to get confused.

Did I leave the lights on last night? Not to worry, Goldilocks knows how to enter without leaving a trace.

* * *

Lakeshore Drive is lovely at night, especially when the zoo in that "condition". Next time you're at the observatory, ask yourself, "How do I know who is really able to intercept what I've just sent?"

When you get the answer you'll understand why the German War Crimes prosecutor is laughing at you. You have no escape, you're linked, and there is open source information linking your office to alleged war crimes.

Have a nice Monday. Take a good look at Lake Michigan. The water is fresh, and the air is pure. Let's see what you can do to help keep it that way, and not mess it up this time like you did when you scurried back to your phone to call your friends in DC.

It's going to get worse. Monday isn't here. The Attorney Standards of Conduct are on the table. Then there's that little thing with Geneva and the prisoner abuse.

You really thought you'd get away with this and nobody would find out. Aren't you stupid. Oh, that's right you're an attorney who has their head up their rear end. Never in your imagination did you guess that this might be where you find yourself, that aching feeling in your stomach, and the rotten feeling that you've read something that isn't quite what you expected.

Surprise. You have failed to comprehend who you are up against: We the People. We shall be relentless. The rule of law shall prevail. And the arrogant, reckless legal counsel who refuses to fully assert their oath remains under investigation for alleged war crimes. There is no statute of limitations for war crimes, and not on the US Constitution.

* * *

If you dare believe you are going to prevail over the rule of law, go back to your office, reboot your computer, and think one thing: We the People have the power, not you, and not your arrogant legal profession that has shown contempt for its oath of office. Disbarment is not difficult. Legal counsel complicity with war crimes planning have been lawfully adjudicated for war crimes. We the People know.

Let your legal friends in DC and the Chicago HQ office know: The communications between DC and Chicago are known; the times you were talking are understood; and forms the basis to determine why you were worried about an issue that the White House supposedly said was not a factor. Sunday nights can be very lonely in Chicago, especially when in the pit of your stomach you're never quite sure whether you're on the inside trying to get out or the outside trying to get in.

We the People have the power. When the legal community defies our will as you have done, you shall forever be seen for what you are: Contemptuous, arrogant, abusive, and not all that bright. You were stupid enough to leave open evidence tracing your client to things that weren't supposed to have been revealed.

The German war crimes prosecutor knows and has the evidence. The timelines do not match. And most of all, they are on the right side of the law, unlike the arrogant American legal community. The rule of law shall prevail, as will this Constitution, especially in the face of this absurd, recklessness the American legal community showed toward its professional legal obligations.

You have become your worst nightmare. There is nothing you can do to end this, unless you surrender and end your illegal rebellion against the rule of law.

You wished this.