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Monday, March 19, 2007

GOP Shell Companies to Win Phony Govt Contracts; Funds Laundered For GOP

The US Attorneys were targeting GOP Shell companies. These entities were established to funnel money to the GOP.

Ref War profiteering fraud by GOP: How much DoD money went to GOP shell companies and was laundered for political campaigns?

* * *

Using contracting rules under DoD and the CIA, the GOP established shell companies to win contracts; then forwarded the money to the GOP.

The shell companies were not doing any real work, and there were no real people assigned to them.

US Attorneys were fired when the money laundering scheme came to light.

Once the US Attorneys targeted the shell companies DoJ and White House staff were alerted to retaliate against the US Attorneys who jeopardized the GOP funding sources.

The intent of the government contracts was not to to real work, but to funnel the money to the GOP Front companies which would cycle the money back to the GOP. The aim was to create a US Government support for the GOP-perma-control of elections.


___ Which law firms established these front companies?

___ Where are the auditor reports?

___ Who signed off on the loan covenants?

___ Where are the US government contract audit reports?

___ When did the FEC realize the money from the companies was really from bogus US government contracts?

___ Why did the GOP shut down audits into these shell companies?

___ Who in the GOP knew about these sham companies?

___ What explanation does the GOP Member of Congress have on the Appropriations committee for not doing audits?

___ Why were Members of Congress retaliating against US attorneys, but not looking at the appropriation's for these sham companies?