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Friday, March 23, 2007

GOP Retaliation Against State Attorney Disciplinary Boards

The retaliation against US Attorneys is only a small part of the puzzle. The President and others have illegally targeted JAGs and counsel providing legal defense, required under the Geneva conventions.

Congress needs to look at the status of the State investigations into the DOJ Staff counsel, and the illegal activity DOJ IG discovered. No evidence of complaints is a subsequent violation of the attorney standards of conduct. State audit reports of the Attorney Disciplinary systems are available for Congressional review.

Time to expand the inquiry into the GOP-DOJ Staff efforts to attack State Attorney Disciplinary Boards and block lawful state inquiry into the DoJ Staff counsel illegal activity warranting disbarment.

Ref Related: GOP motivation to thwart inquiry. How are they assserting, "We don't need to know the details," without information? That defies reason.

* * *

DoJ IG evidence is compelling: DoJ Staff attorneys have violated the law. The DoJ Staff is subject to the State Attorney Disciplinary board system. Yet, there is no evidence the State Disciplinary Boards are mobilizing to review evidence, and disar DoJ Staff counsel for their illegal conduct. This President blocked DOJ OPR. It is nothing to block the State Disciplinary Boards.

___ When will the State audits of the attorney disciplinary systems get a complete explanation by the GOP: Why has there been retaliation; which legal counsel have had their attorney-client communications intercepted; and why has there been illegal effort to thwart state efforts to disbar DoJ Staff counsel?

___ Why is the GOP retaliating against the State Attorney Disciplinary Boards?

___ As with the US Atty firings and the plan coordinated with the President to illegally retaliate, how has the GOP and DOJ Staff coordinated a plan to retaliate against State Attorneys who dare to investigate the DOJ Staff illegal conduct?

___ Why is the GOP coordinating on plans to dissuade disbarment of DOJ Staff Counsel?

___ Is there a reason that the DOJ Staff has implemented smear campaigns against state level attorneys for their efforts to review the DOJ Staff counsel illegal conduct?

___ Where is there any evidence that the DOJ Staff counsel has reported (as required, evidence of illegal activity which the DOJ IG found) to the state attorney disciplinary boards for action against the DoJ Staff counsel?