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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Confirmation Rove Was Notified Of Illegal Plan To Retaliate Against US Attorneys

The President's political advisor Karl Rove was part of the planning to illegally retaliate against US Attorneys for their effort to shut down front companies channeling funds to the GOP.

* * *

There are open source documents indicating fired and resigned personnel specifically identified Rove as a required notification.

Recall, once the plan was devised, legal coordinated with the public affairs, legal office, and political.

You will find the documents linking Rove with this planning in his hard drive. Here is the reference for the search of the White House administrative office, which we can confirm outside counsel well knows about.

The emails are part of the gap between November and December 2006, when the coordination occurred implicating Rove.

* * *

1. Step 1: Include Rove in the Coordination;

- -

2. Step 2: Coordinate with the political office

- -

3. Step 3: Report the plan had been implemented

- -

4. Step 4: Management of Political Impact

* * *


The coordination and planning occurred in November. Rove was identified as part of the required coordination. The error was when DoJ Staff counsel reported that they had coordinated with the "political" office, indicating Rove was involved.

The other error was when Miers coordinated with OMB, who responded to the plan. These are open documents. [ 27 of 50 ]

* * *

This Is The Incriminating E-Mail

This e-mail outlines the recommended approach which involved Rove. This is the first step. As a lead in, recall the next step was to confirm that this had occurred. That is next:

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 11:02 AM
To: Kelley, William K.; Miers, Harriet
Subject: USA replacement plan

Importance: High

Harriet/Bill, please see the attached. Please note (1) the plan, by its terms, would commence this week; (2) I have consulted with the DAG, but not yet informed others who would need to be brought into the loop, including Acting Associate AG Bill Mercer, EOUSA Director Mike Battle, and AGAC Chair Johnny Sutton (nor have I informed anyone in Karl's shop, another pre-execution necessity I would recommend); and (3) I am concerned that to execute this plan properly we must all be on the same page and be steeled to withstand any political upheaval that might result (see Step 3); if we start caving to complaining U.S. Attorneys or
Senators then we shouldn't do it -- it'll be more trouble than it is

We'll stand by for a green light from you. Upon the green light, we'll (1) circulate the below plan to the list of folks in Step 3 (and ask that you circulate it to Karl's shop), (2) confirm that Kelley is making the Senator/Bush political lead calls, and (3) get Battle making the calls to the USAs. Let us know.

The above e-mail tells us several things:

A. DoJ Staff had outlined a plan;

B. There were considerations with coordinating with Rove;

C. Part of the recommendations of the plan included a checklist item to coordinate, as a preparation plan item, to coordinate with Rove

* * *

The missing e-mails fill in the gaps, related to the subsequent coordination.

This e-mail on page 28 shows that the author of the above message did agree with the next steps and notifications.


A. He was told that the coordination he recommended was a good idea and was done; or

B. He was told a reason why the above recommendation would not be fulfilled, but remains satisfied.

____ Why was the author of the above e-mail satisfied with the next steps?

It doesn't matter what really happened: What matters is that the author of the above e-mail was either told something to shoot down his recommendation and he endorsed that decision; or he was told that the coordination would and did occur.

____ Why was he "satisfied" with his idea getting rejected on who to coordinate or not coordinate with?

___ As this plan was unfolding, was he concerned that Rove would not be involved?

___ If Rove was not involved with this planning, what did the author of the above e-mail fear might happen?

___ What was the reason, again, for the recommendation to include Rove in the original planning?

- -

Look again at page 28: Key phrase: "so they are not caught unawares"

___ Why would the author of the above e-mail indicating a desire to involve Rove and the political office not want to include Rove, but include others at the e-mail on Page 28?

It makes no sense to be concerned with individual people far below the President; but [a] ignore Rove and the political office; [b] remain satisfied that he was not involved, despite the original recommendation and go-ahead decision; [c] proceed with a plan satisfied; but [d] inexplicably concerned about non-Rovian people involved so they are not caught be surprise.

The author of the above e-mail would have reasonably been expected to have gotten a signal that Rove and the political office were happy, satisfied, and well enough involved with the information so that they would "not be caught unawares."

* * *

The key is this: Once Miers approved and endorsed the plan, we can reasonably presume that the required coordination did occur.

The lines of question for Miers is:

___ What were her thoughts on the recommendations to include Rove and the political office?

___ Why are there records showing that the legal office did coordinate with the political office, public affairs?

___ Why would we believe that a plan that included a coordination with the political office, and reported that it had coordinated with the political office, would not have included Rove?

___ Who approved the decision to implement this plan?

___ Why was this plan approved; yet we are asked to believe that DOJ Staff did something on their own?

___ Why is DoJ Staff making a recommendation to do something; and the political office was reported to have been notified; but we're being asked to believe that this recommended coordination with Rove did not occur?

___ How cold this plan -- which included a coordination item with Rove and the political office -- be implemented unless there was coordination?

___ Who made the decision to include in the plan the coordination with the political office?

* * *

Here Is What Fatally Brings This All Together

Up until now we've outlined a general framework to show the line of communication, coordination, and desire of people inside DOJ to coordinate with various people. We've shown there are lines of evidence that would have to exist for this plan to be implemented.

Several steps were required. One key e-mail above shows that there was concern and an interested to coordinate with the political office; and someone was sissified that this coordination was included; and that the appropriate people were "not caught unawares."

The last thing we need, and what Karl hopes you don't realize, is that his office was part of the coordination; and that the above plan was coordinated.

Here is the evidence showing that the above plan -- whatever it was -- was not only approved; but that it gave a green light for it's implementation.

This means:

A. They endorsed the plan;

B. They were involved with the decision;

C. They were a key person;

D. They were reasonably positioned to expect DoJ Staff to wait until they endorsed the plan and gave a green light;

E. The communication was coordinated between DoJ Staff, the White House Counsel’s office, and the political office; not to mention the legal office.

Ref Here it is on page 29:

We're go for the US Atty plan. WH leg, political, and communications have signed off and acknowledged that we have to be committed to following through once the pressure comes."

This indicates:

1. They expected resistance;

2. Despite this expected resistance they gave approval;

3. They well know the President would face questions;

4. The President would be put in political jeopardy;

5. Despite any political, legal, or public affairs issues which the President would face, the staff endorsed the plan, gave its go ahead.

* * *

The Problem for the President and Outside Counsel

The missing e-mail shows the reaction the President, Gonzalez, Rove, and Miers had to the fall out, and their commitment to remain confident with the original decision.

The President’s role wasn't a passive observer, but he was an active cheerleader to maintaining momentum, enthusiasm.

* * *

Recall the words again: "we have to be committed to following through"

___ What was the President’s idea of maintaining moral despite the expected opposition?

This President has faced resistance in Iraq, but maintained his confidence.

___ What specifically did Rove, Miers, Gonzalez, and the President agree when discussing these issues with the legal, political, and communications areas?

___ How was moral going to be maintained?

___ Once there was resistance, what did the President plan to do to keep the staff motivated to withstand the pressure?

___ What big ideals, principles, and future vision did the President plan to instill in the minds of the young Republican staffers in the DoJ Staff?

___ What was the President’s plan to resolve these issues?

___ If this was "no big deal," why did the President on a weekend coordinate with outside counsel to review the fallout of this issue?

___ What did the President get surprised by?

___ What unexpected fallout did the President face when this plan was presented?

* * *

If the President was not involved, why didn't he say, "These staffers didn't tell me they were doing it." But he did the opposite: Asserted that what he was doing was right.

Small problem: The holdover issue. The President coordinated on this message, and well knew that there was a holdover issue, but hasn't mentioned this.

Fatal E-mail

Ref 38 of 46: Monika Goodling reminds DoJ Staff of the reality: There is a mandatory holdover provision.

Translation: They knew this going into the plan, and the President, Rove, and Miers agreed to continue despite knowing that the US Attorneys were subject to this rule; and the 2006-7 firings were too far from the 2004 election to be a credible election-related personnel transition.

The President knew these election-related arguments were not credible and were unreal but decided to support the plan to fire the US Attorneys.

The President [as with Iraq WMD, Guantanamo, and FISA] ignored the legal consequences and the chance that he might get discovered.

His problem was that he has been able to thwart DoJ OPR and the Congress. The problem he did not expect was open betray al by his staff who would leak this information in front of his eyes.

The President has been openly betrayed. He does not comprehend who within his inner circle continues to openly discuss what is really going on, and how this information is getting out to the war crimes prosecutors.

* * *

The Missing E-mail Evidence

This is the C: Drive information you need to review this evidence; and find which staffers have been using the outside e-mails to communicate with Karl. You can check the times that he visits non-official websites. [ Ref ]

Missing E-mail Required To Fill In The Gaps

Here's what the evidence between November and December looks like; and how it appears to have been coordinated though the outside e-mail systems.

Hint: The same websites being used are those Outside Counsel, EOP, and DoJ Staff counsel have been accessing. Need to find out who else has been accessing these websites in November and December from the same computers.

___ Which website are you visiting to conduct this coordination with outside counsel, GOP, and the DoJ Staff:

1. Step 1: Include Rove in the Coordination;

Evidence: Concur with inclusion of Rove and Political office

Evidence: Give go ahead and endorse recommendation to include political in planning

- -

2. Step 2: Coordinate with the political office

Evidence: Decision to concur with proposed plan

Evidence: Delay time, internal coordination, CC: Mail

Evidence: Report of Rove walking, asking a question

Evidence: Receipt of message, signal from Rove, or endorsement of plan

- -

3. Step 3: Report the plan had been implemented

Evidence: Confirming E-mails of plan initiation

- -

4. Step 4: Management of Political Impact

Evidence: Rove coordination with GOP on political issues

Evidence: Coordination of similar messages from Rove to GOP

Evidence: Coordination of political messages to distract attention from the holdover issue, and ignore the known gap between 2004 election and 2006 firing decision

Evidence: The weekend panic, communications, and interactions with WH Administrative Staff affirmatively linked with outside counsel

* * *

Communications Office

The issue is someone in the communications office has their name on a PO Box in Virginia. Small problem: Communications people aren't supposed to be involved in communications while they are working the white House.

It is a violation of the FEC rules to use White House official resources for partisan, election objectives.


Capitol Police, IRS, and DHS have already traced the funds and know which banks and law firms in New York are involved.