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Monday, March 26, 2007

Gonzalez US Attorney Appointments for GOP Attorney Campaign Contributions

Gonzalez Direct Appointments and Attorney Lobbying

Ref Gonzalez was reported in the e-mails as being associated with the meetings.

Recall it was a priority for the DOJ Staff to retain the appointment power they obtained under the Patriot Act.

* * *

Attorney standards of conduct prohibit attorneys providing funds in exchange for appoitnemetns. Ref The issue in light of Abramoff:

___ How would Rove and the GOP circumvent this rule, allow attorneys to provide funds, and use the "pay to play" rule to assign prized US Attorney/Judicial appointments to GOP counsel in exchange for campaign contributions?

___ Who was on the appointment list which Gonzalez provided?

___ Which law firms and attorneys, in exchange for GOP political campaign contribugtins, were added to the Attorney Generals direct appointment list?

___ How many of the appointments did Gonzalez make that were linked with funding flows Abramoff knew about; and involved laundering money between law firms, DOD contracts, and the phony GOP shell companies Lam had targeted?

___ Which counsel in echange for providing funds to these money laundries, were rewarded with direct appointments?