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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

President, AG Plan Was to Ignore GOP Senators on US Attorneys

Addington appears to be involved

It appears Gooodling is protecting not only the President, but other people associated with Addington and the Vice President. Goodling most likely was interface between DoJ and White House on issues of prisoner rendition, prisoner abuse, NSLs, and other DOJ OPR issues. It would be nearly impossible for these alleged war crimes linked with Addington in Eastern Europe not to have been coordinated with by Goodline.

___ How much contact did Goodling have with the Vice President's legal staff?

___ How many times did Addington beat up Goodling during staff discussions?

___ Did Goodling turn into Addington's sock puppet at the White House and inside DOJ?

It remains unclear why the GOP has not publicly expressed some concerns with the President's plan to fire US Attorneys.

* * *

It was the intention of the President and Attorney General to bypass GOP Senators, and directly appoint US Attorneys without regard to the Senator's preference. Despite losing the 2006 election, it was the intention of the President and Gonzalez to make the Senate irrelevant forever for purposes of prosecution oversight. The GOP Congress unconstitutionally agreed to permit the President to usurp this power delegated by We the People only to the Senate.

Senators are given the power to reject a nominee; and this, as custom, trumps all other Senators. The President was, in effect, meddling in how the Senate rules and customs were enforced.

All Senate powers and Senatorial input was, in effect, planned to be transferred from the Senate into the DoJ and White House. This is unconstitutional and violates the requirement that the Legislature conduct the advise and consent functions, not the DoJ and White House staff counsel.

The President and Attorney General wanted to retaliate. They didn't care what the reason was. They are not looking for excuses. They didn't have a legitimate reason for their action; if there was a valid reason, the stories would not be inconsistent, cloaked in secrecy, or full of denials.

The President has been implicated in this illegal retaliation.

* * *

Here are the details showing the President and Attorney General hoped to not only ignore the Constitution, but to make the GOP Senators irrelevant, denying them any input into who the President chooses.

___ Why was the GOP silent on a Presidential action to ignore customs of the Senate?

I am only in favor of executing on a plan to push some USAs out if we really are ready and willing to put in the time necessary to select candidates and get them appointed -- it will be counterproductive tO,DOJ operations if we push USAs out and then don't have replacements ready to roll immediately. In addition, I strongly recommend that, as a matter of Administration policy, we utilize the new statutory provisions that authorize the AG to make USA appointments. We can continue to do selection in JSC, but then should have DOJ take over entirely the vet and appointment. By not going the PAS route, we can give far less deference to home-State Senators and thereby get (l) Our preferred person appointed; and (2) do it faster and more efficiently.

. . .


Efficiency is not the measure of success. Compliance with the Constitution is.

Ease of dispatch does not apply when there is time to discuss an issue.

It appears Addington is involved with this planning. Addington is the one who, like Gonzalez, has been relying on the "we need to act quickly"-argument.

These conversations related to the US Attorney Firings are not isolated to the White House, but include Addington and the Vice President's informal network he has through the US government. Lam was targeted because of her threat to Cheney's grip on the intelligence community.

Don't narrow your focus to Bush; expand it to what Addington and Cheney were doing, as was the case with the Libby misleading statements: Time lines, who was involved in State, and how the Vice President and Addington knew that Lam was targeting the CIA intelligence assets.

This information had not been released outside the prosecutor's office. There's no reason Addington would have known about this unless the NSA contractors knew of things, and were passing information.