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Friday, January 12, 2007

Only 8 More GOP Needed For Removal

Ref The President, at this rate, may not have enough votes to survive a mid-2007 impeachment.

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Depends if he can convince Congress to be distracted by "other issues" which are more of the same problems.

Congress needs to draw a line, and couch the legal issues in terms the GOP Senators will understand warrant removal. We don't need endless investigations: They're the same pattern of illegal abuses which have not been challenged.

The President brought this Constitution Crisis by his own choice. The Founders expected factions to clash. Congress, as a faction, has a responsibility to meet the Founders intent: Assert power as a faction to compel compliance with Our Constitution.

There is no relevant consideration for popularity, but power. The Founders intended power to be asserted and Congress needs to assert this power, not wait until it is a foregone conclusion that we have a dictatorship.

The US President is in the minority, has lost the election, but is acting as if he has overwhelming support.

If Congress refuses to assert power as the Founders Intended, Congress is not asserting its oath, not keeping the Constitution in its superior positions.

As Franklin said, [paraphrasing], "You have a Republic, if you can keep it." Keeping it means keeping it, not letting it fall apart out of fear of doing what the Framers intended: Factions are designed to clash and assert power.

These are not issues of popularity, politics, or partisan loyalties, but raw power which the Founders intended all participants to assert.

We the People, through foreign proxies, may lawfully delegate to them the power to impose discipline on Congress, and lawfully retaliate against the US president for waging illegal war.

Factions clash in Congress and on the battlefield. The Constitution will survive, the question is whether the President wants to accept his defeat in the Senate; or whether the US government is broadly subjected to further combat losses in the forum they have well demonstrated a love of losing -- the battlefield.

We the People are the source of all power and shall protect the Constitution. We shall prevail.