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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Members of Congress Aren't Reading Constitution

More Congressional non-sense.

__ Why aren't they throwing this non-sense on the ground screaming, "This is Unconstitutional?"

* * *

Take a look at this: Completely turns the legislative process upside down; asks the Congress to approve Presidential rule making.

"his bill would require Congress to affirm presidential decisions by a majority vote. Ref

* * *


1. Bills starting the Congress, not the President;

2. Only the President can approve or disapprove a bill;

3. The President cannot make law, and then ask Congress to approve or disapprove his decision.

* * *


The proposed bill does the opposite:

A. Starts the decision with the President, after he's illegally asserted non-delegated Legislative-Judicial powers;

B. Permits the President, in making a decision or rule [Legislative power], to get a majority of Congress to approve. This is backwards, and irrelevant.

C. Puts the President in a position of deciding things, regardless the Constitutional requirement of the opposite: For the House to make the decision on something related to appropriations, policymaking, or other things which can only start in the House.