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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Draft President Pelosi Transition Plan 1.01

This is a draft transition plan. The plan outlines a strategy to coordinate a peaceful transition of Presidential Power from the Bush Administration to the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, the 44th President.

What You Can Do: Share this with your friends, and complain loudly, "Why this will not work." Consider all the reasons why this would not work and mock this plan. Do you have suggestions?

* * *


This is for unofficial use only. This is not an official policy or plan of the Executive Office of the President or Speaker of the House; nor the DNC or GOP leadership.

Inputs may be accepted at anytime through direct links to this page.


President Pelosi sworn in as 44th President 1 Jun 2007.

Peaceful transition of power; Vice President Cheney lawfully removed from office first through impeachment-conviction; Senate refuses to confirm Presidential nominee to replace Cheney; President Bush removed from Office Second through impeachment-removal; Speaker Pelosi Assumes Presidency, and Appoints a new vice President.

Two [2] hour notification to implement this plan.

No cooperation from the EOP or Presidential staff.

Cooperation from Secret Service, Capitol Hill Police, White House Communications, and National Command Authority.

Two [2] minute telecom, voice, fax, e-mail through National Command Authority.

Six [6] minute message notification worldwide through Central Security Service.

* * *

Master Schedule: Top level coordination plan to finalize this transition plan.

Event Timeline: Event, purpose of remarks, draft remarks

Functional Areas: Administrative, organizational units to coordinate this plan, with brief summaries of topics, issues, and concerns in each area.

Status Reporting Template: Template to provide inputs, concerns. Identities points of contact, issues, question, and coordination issues.

Mitigation Exercises: Risk identification, and options.

* * *

Introductory Comments

In the event EOP refuses to cooperate, or denies access to current classified transition plans, this is a backup.

The Continuity in Government Committee in Congress assumes a transition and continuity of the US government. The plans are not necessarily tailored to a transition of a Specific Congressional Officer to the EOP after an impeachment.

This plan is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect official policy or thinking of the Speaker, President, DNC or GOP.

Notification List

[Links to responses, inputs from non-official sources]
[Public comments, responses, or inputs]
[Copies of letters from US government agencies]

* * *

Master Schedule

Phase 1: Start [Jan 2007]

Milestone 1: Draft Coordination Plan Publication

Phase 2: Preliminary Research [Jan-Feb2007]

Milestone 2: Research Completed [1 Mar 2007]

Phase 3: Simulation

Milestone 3: Test, Simulated Transition Completed [1 Apr 2007]

Phase 4: Dry Run

Milestone 4: Dry Run Completed, Readiness Review [1 May 2007]

Phase 5: Transition Plan Implementation.

Milestone 5: Pelosi Sworn In As President [1 Jun 2007]

- -

Milestone 1: Draft Coordination Plan Publication


Comments Considered.

- -

Milestone 2: Research Completed

Research, documentation reviewed
Warnings, risks identified
Options, alternatives reviewed
Draft checklists completed.

Draft Test Plan Completed
Preliminary Draft Plan Completed

- -

Milestone 3: Test, Simulated Transition Completed

Test Plan simulation results

Lessons learned
Checklists refined
Final draft transition plan

- -

Milestone 4: Dry Run Completed, Readiness Review

Draft Transition Plan
Backups verified
Alternatives available
Success criteria available

Readiness review meets requirements
Plan modified
Decision on Readiness, or Redo Dry Run

- -

Milestone 5: Pelosi Sworn In

Oath of Office
Chief Justice Roberts
Distinguished Visitors

Release of planned itinerary, goals
President Pelosi Address To Nation
Lessons Learned Documented/Disseminated
Transfer Records to National Archives
Confirm Closeout Complete
President Signs Letters of Appreciation [Chief Justice Roberts]

* * *

Timeline of Events

___ Transition website established

___ Video feeds posted to transition website, Official White House

Each event has three sections
1. Notification
2. Event Purpose
3. Draft Comments for Pelosi, Pelosi Administration Officials

A. Notification to Financial Reporting System

Confidence: The situation is stable, and there is every reason to maintain confidence in the US financial reporting and regulatory system. The financial markets are fully aware, there is no surprise, and the change in leadership has no bearing on whether the financial markets are operating.

B. Appointments of Transition POCs

Focal Point: Speaker Pelosi on 1 June 2007 publicly identifies the transition point of contact, and status of ongoing efforts.

C. Swearing In

Constitutional Change: President Pelosi thanks Chief Justice Roberts for his providing the 43rd President her oath of office.

D. Inauguration/Transition Ceremony

Formal Ceremony: President Pelosi welcomes the American public to the New White House, and turns the proceedings for this event to the Master of Ceremonies.

E. President Pelosi Evening Address To Nation

Appreciation: President Pelosi addresses American citizens. Explains plans, outlines what has happened, and provides appropriate details of what doing. Reminds the nation that we witnessed a peaceful transition of Constitutional power.

G. Capitol Rotunda: US Constitution, Declaration of Impendence

Connection With Founders: President Pelosi addresses the Media on the events of the past 24 hours. We kept our faith with the Constitution, Declaration of Independence. These precious documents are safe, and have proven themselves again.

H. Travel Itinerary: Jamestown, Williamsburg, Plymouth, NYC, Philadelphia DC

Heritage Sights: America remains connected to its roots, its founding principles, and they have prevailed.

F. Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Connection With First Steps: Then, as now, our nation took its first steps. We will walk those steps again as the nation reviews what has happened, and we work together to strengthen our Constitution to ensure this abuse of power do not occur again for future generations.

* * *

Status Report Template

This is a standard template to use to document concerns, questions, or provide inputs. You are free to add any information. This template is designed to assist you in organizing your information; and helping others quickly digest your inputs.

1. Plans

2. Ongoing activities

3. Details on inputs, communication

4. Points of Contact

5. Issues/Concerns

6. Questions/Answers or Options

7. Recommendations

8. Areas Needing Assistance

9. Resolution, documentation, legal compliance

10. Constitutional issue, statutory reporting requirements, treaty obligation.

* * *

Mitigation Exercises

This is the fun part. Share your ideas with your friends: "What could possibly go wrong" and think of creative, imaginative ways to solve these problems.

There are no incorrect answers.

A. What could go wrong; indicators

B. Options, solutions, alternatives, verify availability

C. Dry run, backups

D. Review other events and results

* * *

Transition Plan: Functional Areas

1.0 Management

Identify Tasks to complete, what needs to be transferred.

___ Expertise

___ Legal review

Things you'll need

___ Staff coordination on draft plan

___ Assigned staff

___ Template of Congressional legislation, backup funds available through Speaker and Majority Leader contingency funds.

Work with the Continuity in Government Committee

___ Identify available plans, status of personnel and notes, equipment to support transition.

___ Determine lead times for notification

____ Data transition, archiving

____ Security lead time notification requirements [Capitol Hill; Secret service]

____ White House/DoD Communications and Messaging

This is a non-official coordination plan to support a Pelosi transition to Presidency NLT 1 Jun 2007.

Transition plan requires:

___ Lawful removal of Vice President, then President

___ Transition of Some Congressional Staff to Executive Branch

___ Back-fill Executive Branch and Congressional Staff Vacancies

Send word to Congress and Staff

___ Prepare

___ Provide inputs

___ Accelerate your work to accommodate expected workload increases in Jun 2007

___ Notifications to personnel involved, affected Executive Branch Personnel

___ Confirm Methods to confirm independence, appropriate separation of powers between Executive and Legislative branches is real and perceived as real.

2.0 Planning


___ Peaceful, lawful transition of power

___ Respectful to dignity of all US government officials, regardless their legal status

___ Professional plan and conduct bringing credit upon the United States.

___ Maintain world confidence in US Constitutional System

Transition from Congress to White House

___ Address overlap of Speaker Duties with new Speaker: Preparing New Speaker well in advance of Transition

___ Identify New Congressional leadership;

___ Identify transition team efforts in Congress; and new focal points in Executive Branch

3.0 Assumptions

Two [2] hour notification to start and complete transition.

Peaceful transition of power.

Internal security is not an issue. UN Security Council not required notification. However, US Mission to UN will be ready in the event there is instability along the Canadian, Mexican, or other concerns threatening international order. Personnel will be on hand, ready to address the UN Security Council if this were to occur.

Factors affecting business stability, confidence, international financial markets, or embassy issues will be prepared.

___ Economic incentives

___ Request increased Embassy protection on eve of Announcements. Remind CSS and foreign security services the US does not expect violence, and is willing to listen to concerns other nations may have. Americans are ready to respond to their concerns.

No information or checklists from classified areas in EOP available.

No assistance, starting from scratch.

White House operator assistance available.

Communications in DoD functioning for support.

Six [6] minute notification for any messages worldwide.

Two [2] minute response time on phone calls anywhere worldwide.

All communications are monitored.

4.0 Administration

___ Identify transition team points of contact, supporting staff in Congress.

___ Determine whether POTUS-43 will or will not cooperate.

___ Identify issues: Identify department leads to draft issue papers

___ Confirm reviews, coordination, and contacts are with GAO, Congressional Committees, and appropriate media experts.

Distribution List For Plan

___ Security details

___ Secret service

___ Handover classified keys, access badges, and classified communications

___ Closeout authentications, access paperwork, verify complete

___ Continuity in Government Congressional Committee

___ Review Continuity in Government Plan with Speaker and Senior Congressional leaders

5.0 To Do's

___ Review 9-11 response issues

___ Identify lessons learned, effectiveness of implementation

___ Develop resolution plan on top of the 9-11 legislation passed

___ Sample issue/option: Expedited transportation for concerned foreign nationals [Aircraft/transport availability; flight plans; and visa requirements/possible waivers possible]

___ Recommend: NLT 1Feb07: Speaker Pelosi conduct a no-notice review of the Continuity Government plan; test adequacy of plans; apply lessons to this plan.

___ Recommend: NLT 1Feb07: Dry-run Continuity in Government checklists. Identify lessons learned, questions, and brief results to Congressional leadership to support this transition plan.

___ Review public expectations: What messages, information, reassurance, or other things will the public want/need during transition. [Legal issues, demonstration of Presidential competence]

6.0 Decisions

These are the range of decisions the Congressional Leadership and EOP may wish to consider.

___ Which, if any, of the existing EOP staff to retain, hold over.

___ Pre-planning timelines required to have replacements ready to go 1Jun07.

___ Develop an appropriate plan that will work if the EOP staff refuse to cooperate.

___ Overlap time, if any

___ How to handle uncooperative Executive Branch personnel

___ Interface ground rules between incoming-outgoing staff [Evidence, separation of powers]

___ Document, information protocol [Privilege, evidence, evidence]

___ How much to work with Continuity in Government Committee; level of detail of advance coordination with security

___ Securing, advance screening of government VIPs, officials, dignitaries, and other American citizens

___ Stops along the route from Congress to White House; or continue without stopping

___ Amount of media coordination

___ Transition: Indoors -vs- formal outside ceremony, in public view

7.0 Security/Events

Scheduling of ceremonies

____ Scheduled: Time of day, or low-key, immediate

____ Departure Ceremony, recognition of accomplishments for President Bush and Vice President Cheney

____ Arrival Ceremony: After transition

____ Town hall meetings

____ Military fly-overs

____ Bands, parades

____ Off-short naval escorts, historical vessels [USS Constitution]

____ Historical sites around country

- -

Security, White House Staff

Readiness certification:

___ All required equipment, staff coordinated and positioned as required

___ Flights, locations confirmed with White House Travel Office; backup with DoD, and Congressional Liaison

___ Protocol and guidance ready to provide to department liaison with Congress: New Operating Instructions, modifications, and direction: Maintain separation of powers

___ Securing evidence related to illegal activity; clear notifications to DOJ and White House legal staff on consequences

___ Armed escorts available to protect legal evidence

___ Staff access, entry requirements updated and ready

___ Data files related to White House entry/exit secured at remote locations outside National Archives [GCHQ, NSA]

___ Security has phone contact/information for incoming President-44 staff

___ Classified phone keys approved/available

___ Backup computer equipment, office supplies, and administrative support ready to install within 1 hour. [Assume no White House staff housekeeping anywhere]

___ Transport all remaining Bush-43 electronic evidence to DoJ/FBI for review, sealing, preservation for Post-Presidency litigation [The Hague] [Assume evidence destruction; tampering]

- -

Practice Schedule, Timing Along Generic Route

Provide 10-second intervals; coordinate with Secret Service.

Pelosi Advance Team

___ Decide, finalize, confirm location of transition


___ Building security

___ Media

___ Travel

___ Secret service dry run times

___ Advance team overlap/shadow with Secret Service

Finalize trip packages/travel binders

___ New White House Staff coordination, access, authentication

___ Confirm travel routes, and alternates

Air Force/Marine One/Two

___ Decide appropriate transition transportation to final destination for President and Vice President.

___ Confirm new access to Executive Transportation

___ Review personnel files of military personnel assigned to Marine/Air Force One/Two for issues

___ Flight Plan: Clearance confirmation with FAA

___ Follow-on assignments, decorations for Military personnel assigned to White House

8.0 Protocol

___ Invitations: Draft Invitee list

___ Coordination with DNC leadership, Speaker Pelosi

___ Reception arrangements: Order, invitations, seating, decorations, flags

___ Media arrangements: Background, notification method, details

___ 1st White House events, receptions

___ Coordination with White House Staff, Department liaison

Ceremony, Events

___ Media notifications

___ Background

___ Public affairs, White House Communications

___ Website: Official White House access; alternative transition website

___ Food Refreshments: Water

___ Seating

___ Skirts for Capitol Steps

___ Media platforms [Wood/metal]

___ Staging areas [Equipment, backup supplies, security]

___ Budget approval limits

___ Crew assistance, support

___ Verify contracts satisfactory, and closeout complete with payments

9.0 Media Relations/Statements

___ Draft Statements available through Congress

___ Review notebooks on options available

___ Have backups ready if EOP notebooks not provided

___ Treasury Secretary Announcement: Financial stability, soundness of financial markets

___ Contingency folders, checklists, plans available

___ Plan for using what is available [possibly nothing]

Media Templates For Events, Announcements

___ Boiler plates for webpages, proclamations, and public statements

___ List of issues, questions to expect

___ World communications: Coordinate with CSS, prospective-White House Counsel/Congressional staff counsel, and public affairs

___ Issue to consider: Insulating Congressional Staff from Pelosi-43 legal -- maintain appropriate separation of powers, independence of Executive from Legislative Staff. [Pelosi and legal: What kind of firewall want to create/enforce, and when]

___ Financial reporting system, federal reserve: Liquidity, public statements of confidence in FDIC guarantees. Preparation for NYSE/NASDAQ circuit breakers. Decide whether want an official holiday; timing of announcements after close of markets on a Friday.

___ Notification: National Command Authority: This will not be an issue they need to be concerned with. Thank you for your silent support during the transition.

___ Notify Wall Street bankers, NYSE/NASDAQ/Exchanges

___ Legal: DoJ Transition, information from White House and DoJ Staff to DOJ OPR, and State Disciplinary Bars, and war crimes prosecutors [The Hague]

10.0 Transition Areas/Issues

Transition efforts

___ Staff Identifications/screening

___ Lead-time requirements: Support staff in place to begin efforts

___ Dry run: How much lead time needed

___ Dry run: What steps need to review now, prepare for

GAO/Committee Issue Review

___ Cross talks between Committee Chairman and Pelosi on how to effectively manage known issues; while respecting Separation of Powers. Disentangling process.

___ Identify concerns, and ongoing reviews

___ Budgets: IT audits, data retention, national archives.

___ Data review: GCHQ comparison with NSA intercept: Change/gap explanations.

___ Identify what has been destroyed; forward to The Hague, US Attorney.

___ Contracts: Range of non-disclosures statements on illegal activity; appropriate modifications of contracts; casework orders; budget requirements for termination liabilities; and return of fees for overpayments, nonperformance, or fraud.

NeoCon/GOP Insurrection, Rebellion, Flight Risk

___ Who will Congress assign to find worldwide Executive Branch personnel

___ Notifications to Interpol

___ Budget requirements for Ludwigsburg-like effort after Nuremburg

___ Records maintenance plan for warrants

___ Which international assistance needed

11.0 Staff Screening

___ Review cabinet positions

___ Redeployment of personnel, review, streamline/expansion of duties

___ Identify other methods of reviewing staff information

___ Legal review for FBI background checks and screening of key personnel: Which information was illegally classified

Verifying prospective Pelosi Administration Candidates are qualified

___ Qualifications -vs- job requirements: Streamlining, enhancement

___ Internal audits

___ Contract work reviews: Inappropriate delegation of functions, duties, and responsibilities to outside contractors intermediaries? [Geneva, FISA, warrants, flight scheduling, prisoner transport, GTMO]

___ Which jobs need multiple people because the position is too complicated; job responsibilities have not been reasonably defined; or the legal requirements have not been adequately fulfilled as required by statute [Ref Mar 2007 report from Committee Chairs to Speakers; Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports]

12.0 Logistics

___ Movers: Vice President residence

___ Presidential household goods

___ Official papers, personal effects

___ Temporary living arrangements until residences are cleared, ready

___ Replace secure phones, transition, coordination with White House Communications; enter into evidence all equipment left behind.

13.0 Issues/Concerns

___ Amnesty

___ Evidence

___ Separation of powers

___ Reappointment/reassignment/review/demotion/firing of US Attorneys, DHS/DOJ SAC/ASACs

___ Audit sampling of FBI investigations

___ Quantico: Status of DoJ personnel training plans for DOJ Staff and FBI investigations [How are lessons learned being applied; no notice GAO/DOJ IG audits of the contracted training scenarios]

___ Briefing on workplace harassment, reporting requirements, DoJ OPR requirements on DOJ Staff; forwarding information to the DC and State Bars on no compliance

___ What are we going to do with the DOJ Staff Counsel?

___ Legal expertise: Overlap, discovery

___ Who is going to secure the subpoenas to find the evidence DOJ Staff counsel have hidden in their homes, or at their spouses workplace connected with foreign nationals and lobbyists?

___ Does POTUS have requirements/support needed?

___ Splitting Executive Position into three (1) CINC; (2) Foreign Affairs; (3) Domestic Affairs.

14.0 Lessons Learned/Archives

These are the ideas, things for staff to review during the planning effort.

___ How are we going to ensure this does not happen again?

___ What are the solutions when the laws have been ignored or not enforced?

___ What is a method to ensure US military forces are not used illegally?

___ What is the solution to a "no oversight" government?

___ What is to be done when US leaders provide false evidence?

___ What is the remedy to enforce treaty obligations against US government officials?

___ What happens when required statutory oversight does not exist? [Title 28 and Title 50?]

Staff Frustrations

___ Length of time

___ Constant pattern, repetitive abuses

___ Non-cooperation, non-response from EOP

___ EOP acting as if this was never going to end

___ Staff knowing this was going to end, but still surprised how long it took to nip this problem in the bud.

Clash of Factions

___ Why didn't the intended clash of factions occur?

___ Why did the abuses continue?

___ What does the American public need, as a reminder, to help prevent this from happening again?

___ What modernizations needed to the US Constitution?

Lessons Learned

____ Why were there not enough lessons learned, examples to resolve these issues early

___ Why did it take this many repetitive abuses by the same President to awaken the public?

___ Why did it take this much time and examples of abuse to get attention to solve this problem?

15.0 Change Summary

* * *

Functional Area Comments/Concerns

[Your comments and Feedback will be noted here]

- -

1.0 Management

- -

2.0 Planning

- -

3.0 Assumptions

All information in this plan will not be consistent with classified official plans.

- -

4.0 Administration

- -

5.0 To Do's

There are known events which, if planned for, can be accelerated to allow for additional planning and coordination during the transition period.

[Ongoing review requirements during Master Schedule]
Topics To review
Items to research
Areas to discuss
Government Events [Budget markup schedules]

- -

6.0 Decisions

- -

7.0 Security/Events

[Transition Route: Map from Capitol to White House.]

- -

8.0 Protocol

- -

9.0 Media Relations/Statements

- -

10.0 Transition Areas/Issues

- -

11.0 Staff Screening

- -

12.0 Logistics

- -

13.0 Issues/Concerns

- -

14.0 Lessons Learned/Archives

- -

15.0 Change Summary

- -