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Friday, January 12, 2007

Kurd Response Illustrates Major Gaps In US Government HUMINT in Iran and Iraq

Kurd Reaction to Illegal US Raid on Iranian Consulate in Iraq

The US underestimated the reaction to operations. This forecasting failure tells us something about the HUMINT in Iraq, Iran, and the tenuous connections the NeoCons and Republicans have with the American public.

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These HUMINT holes cast doubt about the merits of plans to escalate US combat forces in both Iran and Iraq. The US, in failing to gauge the world response to the use of force is, as was done in Iraq, creating more problems for itself.

Congress needs to require the President, if he thinks this is an insurgency, why he is ignoring Patreaus who advises that the best thing to do is not to make the problem worse.

We judge the President is not serious about waging a winning war; but merely asserting power. Whether the enemy does or does not cooperate with their destruction is not as important as Bush believing that he is acting Presidential. He is delusional and remains unfit for office.

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