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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bush Calls 70% Americans Irresponsible

Bush insults enough GOP Senators to tip scale for Removal.

This plan may need to be accelerated: Are you ready?

El Deciderio calls Americans irresponsible.Ref

Quick Math: 70 per cent of the the US population, with about 50 per cent in the GOP is 35% -- two more than the 33 which are blocking removal -- or enough to tip the Senate balance for removal. Ref

Ask your GOP Senators why they like being insulted by an alleged war criminal, but refuse to act responsibly. Perhaps they like to be insulted, and do nothing about standing up for themselves. They won an election, but are willing to grovel on the ground before someone who insults them.

* * *

Last time I checked, when Americans didn't like getting called lazy, they got upset about that.

But when your President calls you lazy, "Oh, that's no problem."

Look at the trend line in the last 24 hours:

  • 1. 24 hours ago -- Only eight[ 8 ] more GOP Senators needed for removal.

  • 2. Last night -- Only one [ 1 ] more GOP Senator Needed Ref

  • 3. Today -- Over the top [ -2 ] , at least 35% of GOP Senate Constituents insulted, bush is down by 2 GOP Senators. Ref

  • * * *

    If 70% of America is "irresponsible," why aren't we "irresponsibly" showing him the door?

    Do American like to be told "they don't know any better"?

    * * *

    President goes around, violating laws, pretends the rules don't apply him, and when called on his non-sense -- defective planning, reckless oversight -- he blames the accuser.

    This is more of the RNC Propaganda non-sense: Denying reality.

    But hay, irresponsible people have taken impeachment off the table.

    Bush likes to lose elections, then blame America.

    What else is Bush going to do to remind America that they are "not responsible"?

    ___ How many prison camps are needed to house the "irresponsible ones"?

    ___ If 70% -- the majority -- are "irresponsible," is Bush going to use extermination to keep the minority -- the 30% that might agree with him -- safe?

    * * *

    Bush is not going to stop. It's not as though he'll self-regulate and say, "Well, I've really annoyed these people I might stop." He has faced no consequences for violating the law; and he'll continue insulting America.

    You don't like it when bloggers call you stupid. Why do you do nothing when the President calls you irresponsible?

    Because you're lazy, and stupid. Check Number 1.

    Irresponsible people refuse to stand up for themselves, especially when alleged criminals call them irresponsible.

    ___ Do you like criminals mocking you?

    ___ Do you like defiance of the laws?

    Last time I checked, the GOP is arguing that the President "just barely lost" and that the GOP holds onto the slim minority.

    Maybe 49% of the US population is Republican. When bush calls 70% Americans irresponsible, he's saying that 35% of the Republicans are wrong, enough to tip the balance for removal in the Senate.

    ___ Why do the GOP Senators like to have their constituents insulted as being irresponsible, but they do nothing?