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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Only One More Needed To Remove The President

Ref There are 16 with their toe in the water in opposing the President. That makes it a shift of seven [7] in only 24 hours. Ref There is momentum.

One more . . . and the President no longer has enough GOP support to guarantee him surviving an impeachment.

* * *

The Senate can convict and remove the President if 17 GOP Senators join the Democrats. The new GOP-leaning opposition to the President is 16, one shy of a removal.

If the trend continues, there's no prospect the President will have enough GOP support to remain in office.

Framing the issues is key. If the House leadership frames the list of crimes in terms that the GOP will support conviction, it doesn't matter what the issue is: Bush cannot politically survive as President.

The trick will be to remove Cheney first; the Senate blocking the President from appointing a New Vice President; and then lawfully convicting the President and removing the President.

And you're wondering what would happen next? Glad you asked: 1 Jun 2007.