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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Constellation Project

There’s never just one.

* * *

Constellations are not single points, but a group that forms a pattern. Attached to that constellation is a story of what went before, how they came to be, and what they might do in the future.

This project is about specifically targeting the NSA-related attorneys for disbarment. With time, you’ll be given additional information on which attorneys are being passed over, and the larger strategy: Which order the attorneys are being targeted, who are cooperating, and which are most closely related to the alleged illegal conduct.

What you can do

You can document all interactions with any attorney that has ever been associated with the department of justice. These can be attorneys that are currently assigned, formerly associated with AT&T-related counsel, or are now in private practice.

There are several sources of information which will assist you:

  • Model rules of professional conduct

  • State Disciplinary Bar Procedures

  • US Attorney Manual

  • Circuit Court Jury Instructions

    Sample Attorneys Currently Being Targeted For Disbarment

    Here is a list of attorneys currently licensed to practice law, and are directly or indirectly associated with the alleged misconduct related to the NSA. Although they remain innocent until proven guilty, they have allegedly been associated with the AT&T-NSA activities and are current under investigation:

  • Addington

  • Gonzalez

  • Yoo

  • Viet Dinh

  • Keesler

  • White

    Keep in mind when we say “investigation” we’re not talking a criminal investigation. Rather, the investigation is merely a public review of any conduct they may have had related to the NSA activities. [Concept: Pre-Emptive Government Oversight ]

    * * *

    Sample multi-database/name searches

    Last Record for VP Chief of Staff.

    Current Office of Legal Policy, Address.

    Other attorney Civil DC Bar #

    Oath taken May 31, 2001. Record A is Viet D. Dinh FEC information; sample case [Lower left, Page 1 of 73].

    SEC: Looking for law firm association with AT&T Sadley Arustin/AToT in re taxes. Remember Enron and offshore acounts? Bingo.

    Patomac Golf Association is where the DoJ-NSA-CIA intelligence personnel meet. Read the full description of who can be members. IP numbers related to DOJ have been affirmatilvely linked with PGA in July 2001, two months prior to Sept 2001. The legal counsel inside DoJ know.

    Do 100% grab of everything bewteen Sadlehy, BhorkerButte, AToT, DoJ and EO.P between Dec 2000 and Jun 2006.

    Here is the Lockheed Martin Career Database. Need historical files which show the jobs related to NSA, and the job fill dates. These can be cross-indexed with the public career code numbers, the types of jobs, and the specific programs where ABA attorneys were assigned.

    Another ABA whitewash: Note the personnel from Iran-Contra Click

    Website updates: EO.P updates at a time when they were "too busy" to fill out warrants. Same problem across DoJ IP NetBlocks.

    Going the otherway, we can use the names in EO.P to find their details, then more names.

  • Problems with this disclosure per USAM and media relations?

  • Is there an issue with the Questions relative to the ABA prosecutor standards of conduct.

    Sample EO.P propaganda posted during "times we were too busy to get FISA warrants." [ More DoJ IP problems ] Traced to EO.P Note the topics of changes during business hours: Neighbors Another Another Another

  • [ Note removal of party-affiliation information for courts, as "unsubstantiated".] EO.P deletes information about Sibel.

    * * *


    The problem is the United States Constitution has been unlawfully abrogated. Licensed attorneys have misled the public, spewed for the legal non-sense, and the Executive Branch has abused power without adequate legal restraint.

    The problem is not one created by law. It is one created by human beings who have trumped the law with something else.

    The other problem is that the Congress and legal oversight system has failed in adequately ensuring that the Constitution has been put fist.

    This approach hopes to send a wakeup call to the legal community: You may have legal resources, but you do not retain sovereignty. We the People have that power.

    The message is simple. Where the attorneys have abused the trust of We the People, and spewed forth legal non-sense, the public may make adverse inferences and organize themselves to protect the Constitution.

    This legal crew has failed. It is absurd that this late in the game in 2006, the American Bar Association is “getting around to” reviewing the 750+ signing statements. What’s more outrageous is that despite a clear oath to the Constitution, We the People have been told to put up with the present state of affairs: An effective abrogation of the US Constitution, and a mandate that we “keep our nose out” of the situation.

    Wrong answer. This effort is specifically designed to remind the specific Attorneys related to the NSA activities of one thing: We’ve figured things out and you’re now the target.

    * * *

    The American Bar Association has a problem. They have within their ranks attorneys who have defied their oath and put “other things” before the Constitution.

    This American legal system is dubious. It’s attorneys cannot be trusted to self-regulate, or screen out those who defy the Constitution.

    Since 2000, this country has faced a legal onslaught, and the legal community has done nothing to stem the tide of the legal non-sense from the executive branch. In the wake of the NYT revelations in 2005, it is clear the legal arguments being used are disconnected from the case law.

    However, Congress and the American Bar Association have yet to explain where they were, how this legal disaster arrived, or what their plan is to ensure this does not happen again.

    * * *

    Let’s recall where we are. After Vietnam and the abuses under the Nixon Administration, the American People through an Act of Congress, passed the FISA rules. These were clearly promulgated solutions to the failure of the existing Constitutional system of checks and balances.

    After the Iran-Contra Affair, Cheney and Addington issued an Iran-Contra Minority Report, effectively laying the legal groundwork for the legal non-sense being spewed forth. If you closely review the case law Addington and others used you’ll see quickly that they’ve cherry picked the language and have arrived at legal conclusions disconnected from reality.

    After the NYT revelations of 2005, the Administration has been on the defensive, pretending that things are just fine. Small problem, despite fatal admissions that the conduct was illegal, and that the procedures were not being followed, Congress and the American Bar Association have yet to have a full vetting for their allegedly reckless malfeasance. In so many words, this means they failed to do what they should have done.

    Meanwhile, there’s been a curious turn of developments. Despite having no legal foundation, the American Bar Association has been linked with various communications suggesting they have some “concern” about what is going on. Shocking. Perhaps there needs to be a wakeup call to the ABA, and they need a competing association that will take away market share and offer the public an alternative.

    Also in the nexus is the curious dance between Specter and the Vice President. Gonzalez has threatened to resign, has allegedly violated his oath by committing perjury before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the Congress refuses to do anything about it. Meanwhile, we see more excuses to assent to absurd legal arguments, avoid investigations, and keep the litigation out of court.

    Within the last few hours, the US Attorney General’s Office has specifically targeted the New Jersey Attorney General’s office in an attempt to thwart their lawful fact finding on a state matter.

    * * *

    There’s actually something else going on. If you closely look at the attorney credentials and backgrounds of those who are publicly speaking, or involved in the apparent cover-up, you’ll notice some common trends:

  • They are linked in some way with AT&T

  • They are closely associated with stupid legal arguments

  • They are allegedly abusing the legal system to avoid public knowledge of alleged criminal conduct

    * * *

    Clearly, there is a problem. The issue is that this is not a voting issue, but one related to criminal law and the attorney professional conduct.

    Whatever the problem and the reason for not effectively following FISA, the simple problem is that the solutions we were told would adequately address the abuses of the 1970s have been jettisoned. In turn, the legal community – as a whole – has effectively failed to timely protect the US Constitution from the domestic enemies inside the legal community.

    We the People need to step in and provide that direction, guidance, and leadership.

    * * *

    The issue of disbarment is not an impossible hurdle. Some attorneys might point to a list and say, “There have been very few who have been disbarred.” Small problem. There’s always a chance that things can chance.

    Besides, you know that when an attorney starts to change the subject, you know they’ve got a problem. This effort is to refocus the attention on the legal system and send a wake up call:

  • You failed

  • We’re in charge

  • You have defied your oath

  • We know about it

  • There’s something we can do about it

  • You may personally suffer if you fail to assert your oath

  • There are lawful remedies to your allegedly reckless disregard for your oath

  • We’re talking

  • We’re comparing notes

  • We can lawfully do to you what you have said is “OK” to be done to us.

    * * *

    Let’s talk specifics. DoJ AG Gonzalez has suggested that the DoJ didn’t have enough manpower to follow FISA. That excuse doesn’t make sense.

    If you look closely at the IP-addresses of the DoJ personnel, you’ll see at the time that Gonzalez would have us believe they were ‘too busy” and “understaffed” to follow FISA, attorneys inside the Department of Justice were surfing the internet, looking at non-official websites.

    This means a couple of things:

  • AG Gonzalez is lying

  • Other attorneys know he is lying

  • The US Congress has been lied to, and the basis for the testimony before Congress is disconnected from reality, and the DoJ knows this – this is called fraud.

  • Other attorneys, who have a state-level certification, when they refuse to cooperate with investigations or report misconduct, can themselves be subject to disbarment or sanctions.

    The point of this is simple. AG Gonzalez is associated with other attorneys both inside and outside the DOJ. Some are in private practice; some have been indirectly associated with AT&T; and others have been brought into the nexus.

    It doesn’t matter what changes there have been. The point is that the attorneys are either involved; or they are not. But the attorneys have enough information to know there is a problem. Either

  • They are going to find out the facts and enforce their standards;

  • Or they are not.

    Gonzalez may not be a mastermind, but he is directly linked to Addington. That’s all we need. It’s time for the attorneys to decide: Are you on the side of the Constitution, or are you with Gonzalez.

    * * *

    This crew has chosen not to investigate, find facts, or police their own.

    We the People will have to force them. This can be done. We can do this.

    They always make mistakes. They have made many. Their first mistake was to take an oath to something they had no intention to affirmatively defend from domestic enemies.

    They chose inaction. They are now the domestic enemy.

    * * *

    Note closely what this is called: Constellation. It means a pattern. There is no single point of light that is key; rather, the stars form a mosaic.

    This is the approach the NSA and the contractors like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon take when they do data mining. It’s OK when they follow the rules. It’s not OK, as Qwest has reported in the EFF litigation against AT&T, that the DOJ admitted they ere not following the rules.

    The issue isn’t whether we can or cannot look at the matter. The issue is what is to be done when, regardless what the NSA capabilities are, they refuse to follow the law; and the legal community fails to ensure that the attorney violations are subject to sanctions.

    * * *

    Under the 1929 Geneva Convention, Article 82 specifically imposes a requirement on the United States to ensure that the laws of war are followed; and that the legal community make available to military commander’s guidance on what is to be done.

    This legal standard in Geneva then connects to the Laws of War Program which the Secretary of Defense is responsible for implementing, 5100.77. Vice President Chief of Staff David S. Addington, formerly General Counsel to DoD, knows well about this Geneva Requirement, the laws of war program, and the requirement to ensure that military forces are only lawfully used.

    For whatever reason, this NSA has been given non-sense legal information. Despite clear Military Law Reviews and precedents, the JAGs were shut out of the process and Addington and Gonzalez have effectively abrogated the Geneva Conventions and US Constitution.

    It remains to be understood, why in the wake of 2002 and his apparent efforts to thwart the JAG’s from fully implementing this program, what effort was made to investigate his allegedly reckless conduct. It appears nothing was done, as required under the ABA Model Rules and the DC Disciplinary Bar.

    This legal community failed to meet that requirement. They are linked, they are not alone, there are other attorneys who know what is going on, and those attorneys have refused to ensure this attorney misconduct is adequately investigated.

    It has been six years. This is unacceptable.

    We can change that.

    * * *

    The issue for the American legal community is simple: You have a problem, you have failed to police your own, and others are going to have to enter the arena to make you do your jobs.

    You have violated your oath. You have violated the public trust.

    Most of all, you have let down your peers. By sending them a green light that it is permissible to engage in this misconduct, your peers hold you in contempt: They believe that you are foolish and will not stand up to what is absurd.

    Those days are over. The civilian oversight boards are now a legitimate issue for the public to discuss. The American Bar Association has failed to credibly show they can be relied upon to organize themselves to quickly mobilize and protect the Constitution.

    You are the legal experts. However, We the People retain the sovereignty.

    You are the officers of the court. However, we outnumber you and are fully capable of digging through every piece of information to turn the spotlight on you. Make no mistake. Where you have shown you are reckless is the past, and refuse to do your jobs, the American public should know one thing: You will go to great lengths to avoid the needed reforms.

    We can outlast you, and lawfully grind you down. We are not alone. Other nations around the globe have an interest in seeing the ABA and American way of life succeed. They support the US Constitution. The ABA fails to do what other nations are willing to do: Assert the rule of law and rise to the occasion.

    The American people have options. Just as the AICPA does not have a monopoly in auditing, We the People can mandate there be competing legal associations other than the ABA. We can also mandate a public showing of peer reviews; and increase the requirements at the state level to make it more difficult for you to retain your bar license.

    Once you become an attorney, it doesn’t mean that you have a green light to do what you want, no matter how powerful your client may be. Ultimately, you are responsible to your oath and the US Constitution.

    If you choose to put something else first, or pretend that the public will never find out, you’re mistaken. We know about the insurance premiums, we know about the malpractice settlement, and we know about the state disciplinary systems. Despite these real threats to you, you still chose to cooperate with this Executive’s illegal conduct, abuse of power, and abrogation of the US Constitution.

    You made a poor choice. You’ve had your chance to get this right, and you’ve failed. Now you’re going to have to put up with what we lawfully decide to do. Once, We the People were forced to put up with your non-sense. Now it’s our turn to make you put up with your non-sense.

    Congratulations, you have successfully awoken a civilian population to who the real threat to the American Constitution is: The American legal community. You are now the lawful target for review, investigation, and a public vetting of your alleged violations of your oath to the US Constitution.

    You wished this.

    * * *

    Federalist Papers: What the American Legal Community Fails to Put into Practice

    Federalist 10: No man is his own judge. Yet this is what the ABA is doing: Asking the public to let the ABA judge their own, but not really do that.

    As you prepare to review the legal community, take the time to read the Federalist Papers. Focus on 10, 14, 37, 39, 45, 49, 51, 78, and 84. These are the writings which the ABA and the American legal community has failed to put into practice. As you have more time, the broader federalist papers related to taming tyranny are: 7-14, 33, 37-51, 78-85. [To read more, you can read the Anti-Federalist Papers and Constitutional Convention Debates, edited by Ralf Ketcham, 1986; and focus on page 227 titled, “Preventing Tyranny Under the Constitution.”]

    Encourage your friends to foreword this information to all attorneys, and include it on the letter head of memoranda you file and use as correspondence with the attorneys. Encourage your friends who are in the business community to place these Federalist Numbers on their business letterhead and websites so other Americans can learn about what the American legal community has refused to do.

    Your current and former clients are not bound to you. As they realize that you are part of the problem, they may or may not respect the rules which you refuse to respect. Where they may be offered settlements to remain quite about your misconduct, they may choose to cooperate with others to have you disbarred, even if you are unrelated to the NSA issues.

    The key will be to notice patterns and changes. The public can notice trends. Where your peers fail, you will have a harder time gaining the trust of clients in other areas. Congratulations, where you failed in one area, the public has less confidence in all areas. This is a credibility problem. It is a spreading cancer. It is your problem. You cannot stop this unless you assert your oath to the Constitution and police your own. If you fail, you can be made to fail in other areas.

    Reviewing Attorney Motions and Public Statements

    The problem the American legal community has is that their work products are public. They’re called public documents or motions.

    It is possible to review these writings and gather important information useful in securing their disbarment.

    Reviewing the Attorney Standards of Conduct

    As you review the work products and statements, your job is to carefully compare what you are learning with the requirements. Remind yourself of the results: That we have a legal community that defies their oath refuses to police their own. It is our job to throw this mess back at them.

    Compare what they are doing and saying with the professional standards of conduct.

    Sometimes attorneys will privately settle a legal malpractice issue, rather than go to court. The public is harmed when we do not learn of the abuses, and the issue is not publicly discussed. The results are what we have: An abrogation of the US Constitution, and a refusal by thee ABA to timely, adequately police the arguably reckless attorneys associated with DoJ, Addington, Gonzalez, and the outside legal counsel associated with AT&T and the NSA.

    Encourage your friends who may have had legal problems with their attorneys to come forward and share their lessons of what was done. Those lessons can be valuable ideas into what the attorneys do to violate their oath, ignore their standards of conduct.

    Reviewing Attorney Work Products

    Your job as an American Citizen is to remind the legal community that you’re in charge.

    Remind them that you know the legal community cannot be trusted, and that you have to know their job better than they do simply to ensure they do what they refuse to do on their own: Assert the rule of law, and protect the Constitution from domestic enemies.

    The American legal community has no basis to justify confidence, faith or believe. They have exhausted the good graces and trust.

    Require the legal community to show and demonstrate that the case law that they are using is linked with the actual legal points they are arguing. They will cherry pick words, and assert a legal standard or rule that is completely opposite the Constitution.

    * * *

    American Legal Profession and the NSA

    The American legal profession has created and assented to a system which effectively buries misconduct. They hide information. There is a code of silence.

    There is one problem. The American public is not required to recognize this code. We can raise the burden of proof on the attorneys associated with the NSA, and essentially turn the tables on them.

    The attorneys associated with DoJ, NSA, AT&T, and the external supporting clients have a problem: Their credibility is at its low point; and their arguably reckless conduct has painted the entire legal community with a broad brush of malfeasance. There is every reason to continue to hold the American legal community – as a whole – accountable for the results.

    Let’s talk about the specific things you can do when reviewing anything related to the NSA, President’s illegal activities, and the other things DoJ and the NSA-related attorneys are doing. Remember, your job is to put the burden of proof on them, and compel them to prove what they are saying. At this point, they have no credibility.

    In your interviews and discussions with the NSA-related attorneys:

  • Demand they show and demonstrate the case law, points and authorities

  • Look closely at the case law citations to see if there are key phrases that they have left out

  • Notice whether the legal citations and conclusions are at odds with the US Constitution and treatise.

    Notice what they say: Each word they utter could be the needed doorway to have them disbarred. They make mistakes. They like to talk. And they like to answer questions. They have a media strategy to protect the President. The only way they can use that media strategy is if they practice; yet they also have to prepare for litigation. They are very busy. They make errors. Their errors become the doorway to probe deeply. If they are honest, they will correct the error; if they are in defiance of their oath, they will refuse to back up what they say with credible case law. Their only option is to yell louder. Smile. You have won.

    The American legal community has a problem in their education system. They have many people who join the ranks of the attorney profession who are very intelligence, able to pass exams, and are able to figure things out.

    They have a major problem. They live in fear. They always know that there is something that they do not know. They have to look things up. There is always a doubt in the back of their mind. They are fundamentally insecure in that they know there is a chance that a “can’t lose” case can have a surprise. They are never absolutely 100% sure.

    There is your chance. Your job is to put the spotlight on them. Make them the issue. And keep probing at them.

  • Why should we believe this?

  • Why should we consider you reliable?

  • Why should we trust what you are saying or writing?

  • Why do they refuse to discuss in public what they say is legal?

  • Why is a discussion of the legal arguments, without any discussion of the technical details, something that is beyond what the court can review?

  • If they are “so sure” that their legal positions are sound, why do they fail to provide case law to back up what they are saying?

  • What are other views on this subject?

    * * *

    This is about targeting the American Bar Association attorneys who have assented to this lawlessness. It is about one thing: The American Constitution. This Congress and Executive, despite an oath to that, have permitted these conditions.

    It doesn’t matter why it’s happened. The only issue is that despite a clear oath, the rule of law has broken down, and the Congress has failed. The way forward will be to resolve that problem.

    Yet, the reality is that there are elections, and despite an oath, voters will vote for people who are unwilling to assert their oath.

    We can change that. It’s time to do what we can to lawfully target the individual attorneys who refuse to do what should be done: Protect the Constitution.

    * * *

    Recall what the Attorney General said after 9-11: “They so much as spit . . .”

    That rule needs to be applied to the American legal profession. I don’t care how minor the point is, it’s time to publicly share every piece of derogatory information about any attorney remotely associated with the NSA, DoJ, or the supporting contractors.

  • E-mail addresses

  • IP numbers

  • Home addresses

  • Their personal habits

  • What they’ve said

  • Who they spend their time with

  • Where they go to the gym, play golf, or go jogging

  • Where they have their car repaired

  • Anything

    Whatever they’ve helped create inside the NSA, and violates the Constitution, needs to be turned back on them. Each little bit of information needs to be publicly shared. You’ll be amazed how quickly a relationship-diagram can be put together based on very innocuous information.

    Around the globe there are friendly nations to the US Constitution who can take the public information related IP addresses and lawfully intercept the communications which the attorneys are sending into the embassies, DoJ, and other entities. This information can be decrypted, and then used to broaden the inquiry and focus the efforts.

    * * *

    The White House is in a pre-litigation media-relations strategy. Outside counsel are orchestrating this. Their ultimate goal is to protect the President, avoid discovery, and protect their peers from adverse consequences.

    There is a pattern emerging. Based on the curious timings of the AT&T litigation and the public news releases, it appears as though Addington and others inside EOP are soliciting outside counsel to write misleading articles about the legal issues. It remains to be understood what association Addington still has with AT&T; at one time he was a consultant with Baker, Donalson who had AT&T as a client.

    It also appears POTS is using both civil and criminal attorneys to thwart investigations, mislead the public, and misrepresent the legal issues before the court. EOP is also associated with commercial contractors, DoJ Attorneys and private counsel to thwart Congressional oversight and discovery.

    Note the following

  • NSA related news articles from attorneys previously associated with DoJ or AT&T

  • Court action to deny public knowledge of the legal arguments or stifle local efforts to protect rights

  • DoJ AG obstructing DoJ Officer of Professional Responsibility

  • Gonzalez perjury allegations and disbarment project

  • Interest by private counsel, apparently “unrelated” to NSA, that show an unusual interest in the AT&T-NARUS-NSA issues

  • Despite inadequate information to the Senate Intelligence Committee, EOP pressure on the Senate to avoid reviewing the issues

    The legal arguments do not add up. It’s time to stop wasting time waiting for Congress and the Courts to “get around” to more roadblocks. It’s our job to lawfully target those individual attorneys who are actively supporting this defiance of the Constitution.

    * * *

    The European Commission continues to investigate Rendition. Where the US government refuses to address these issues, there are other bodies that can share information.

    * * *

  • How many shares does the law firm hold in AT&T?

  • What money transfers are related to AT&T and the law firm?

  • Which office inside DoJ are they associated with?

  • What time do they go to the Potomac Officers Athletic Club?

  • When do they go to the Potomac Golf Association greens?

    * * *

    There’s a lot of legal non-sense being battered around about the NSA. One of the legal fictions is that the issues cannot be reviewed unless there is a review of classified information.

    This is false. It is possible to review the legal arguments related to the activities, and not discuss classified information.

    Some have suggested that to discuss the legal issues will admit or confirm the activity. The President, AT&T, and NARUS have already done this. Also, Qwest has issued publicly at the EFF litigation the DoJ statements that DoJ would not follow FISA; and Qwest’s contention that the DoJ proposals were not lawful.

    Also, there is another larger problem. There is something called the Joint Requirements Oversight Council [JROC]. This Council is located in DoD. JROC was used to review NSA’s ThinThread, which included auditing steps and would have complied with the FISA requirements. JROC concluded that the only legal way to comply with the Constitution was to spend money and crate ThinThread.

    Here’s the problem. BY going around FISA and not using ThinThread, NSA has confirmed that they’ve ignored the JROC conclusion, thereby have ignored FISA, and have violated the law.

    The key is that there is no requirement to review the NSA classified information. We can review the JROC process – in generic terms – and then make reasonable inferences about what was or was not done; then compare the results: There were violations of the law, and ThinThread would have prevented these violations. In simple terms ThinThread would include auditing and triggering steps inside the monitoring so that only lawful monitoring could occur; DoD and DoJ went around these known circuit breakers.

    It is possible to look at the NSA-DoJ process and conclude what was not approved; and why ThinThread was accepted. Without using ThinThread, Hayden knew that the monitoring was not legal; and we can also use the Iran-Contra Minority Report from 1987 to get an idea of the twisted legal arguments used to justify the illegal activity. Addington and Cheney are at the center of this.

    * * *

    Another thing you’ll want to review are the Military Law Review articles related to “laws of necessity”, immediately before and just after the 1987 Iran-Contra Minority Report. When Addington helped craft the report, he relied on case law which is wholly at odds with the credible legal conclusions and Constitution.

    There are some patterns in the gaps. One area which Addington fell down was the Civil War-related legal issues. You’ll notice in the Minority Report that there’s a gap in the 1860s on the case law. This appears to be because the 1986 Military Law Review Articles specifically found that Lincoln was known to have violated the law; and that he did not have inherent authority to do so. The 1988 Military Law Review articles related to “laws of necessity” repeat this contention, showing us that the Iran-Contra Report of 1987 is bounded by legal conclusions at odds with the case law known in 1986 and 1988. Addington would know about this case law in 2006.

    * * *

    Take note of the Cheney-Specter spat. There are some major problems with the oversight.

    * * *

    Take some time to begin formulating what a Constitutional oversight system might look like. The issue is with the oath: How to make people’s oath to the Constitution subject to real sanctions should we once again face these challenges: Complete breakdown in the DoJ oversight process.

    There also needs to be some thought given to the Civilian Oversight of the ABA and legal community, and not something that the attorneys can be trusted to do on their own.

  • Methods to disclosure, share, and discuss public information

  • Identify attorneys who are spewing forth legal nonsense-

  • Maintain knowledgeable civilian oversight, independent of the ABA

  • Share trends and information with other organizations and government entities so they can increase audit scope, strengthen education, and target for disbarment those attorneys who refuse to assert their oaths

    What’s needed is a system that is going to put the burden of proof on the legal profession; and reassert the US Constitution as a real force early in the process, and not permit the attorneys to do what they’ve done: Delay, avoid trial, suppress evidence, mislead the court, and then at the last minute make it appear they are “suddenly concerned.”

    This is not acceptable. Even though the court may find that the issue is moot [in that because the government, at the last minute, has done something to make the dispute non-existent], the public should be able to go back to the original problem, and hold the individual attorneys liable for that defect. To permit the initial cover-up, and then a rapid correction will simply invite abuses.

    * * *

    What’s curious about American oversight is that it is not entrenched. It is something that ebbs and flows. This is not something Americans can afford, especially when the legal community is the source of the problem and has a self-interest in avoiding oversight, discovery, and the larger pattern of illegal conduct.

    As we move forward, there needs to be some thought given to the types of reports that the public can use; and what entrenched oversight mechanisms are needed to better ensure the Constitution is put first, not last on the DoJ Attorney Agenda list.

  • How to check the information

  • How to check the validity of the information

  • Track the changes

  • Evaluate whether the ABA and other organizations are or are not meeting their oath of office and other legal obligations

    * * *

    For other examples, check the following information:

  • FY06 Senate Intelligence Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • FISA legal non-sense

  • Iran Contra Minority Report

  • Sample disbarment projects

  • State Proclamations calling for Disbarment

    * * *

    The White House is using the DoD Propaganda Guide to orchestrate this effort. It is time to mandate the attorneys choose whether they remain loyal to those who defy the Constitution, or are going to stand up and protect the document.

    The issue is the White House abuse of power and the larger pattern of conduct. It’s time to throw the attention on those who were in a position to do something, and have failed.

    This White House and legal community would like to pretend that selective portions of history are applicable to justify abuse; but the same history that sanctioned that abuse is not applicable. They cannot have it both ways. It’s time to focus on the standards, and impose consequences on the specific ABA attorneys who have permitted this abuse of power to occur.

    Anything they say in public is fair game. They have a duty not to misrepresent things, or twist the law. Their client is not simply the President, it is the Constitution. They have to choose whether they are going to continue to mislead the public, or whether the public is going to have to lead them. The former shall end, the latter shall commence.

    * * *

    Here’s what you can do:

  • Review the US Attorney’s Manual and US Code

  • Identify the DoJ personnel involved on the descriptive summaries

  • Identify on the descriptive summaries the specific NSA contractors and the names of the General Counsels at those firms

  • Identify the specific personnel inside DoD who were involved in the ThinThread JROC process

  • Identify the specific POC in the Senior Executive Service within DoD, NSA, and DoJ who were involved and in position between 2000 and 2006-06-15; include their job titles, education, training, and duties. These are related to position descriptions and you can get them trough FOIAs.

  • Be mindful of the SAS99 requirements. These are audit standards that auditors use to increase audit scope. If you review SAS99, you’ll get an idea of the indicators auditors use. It remains to e understood how the audit letters and management reviews did or did not comply with SAS 99. The attorneys involved would have had to sign exception letters to avoid audits that were otherwise required. The key will be to identify the dates of key personnel actions in DoJ like resignations, reassignment, or transfers; these trigger SAS99 indicators under Generally Accepted Government Accounting Standards. Once the IG is aware of something that is “urgent” (as is a violation of the law), they either have to submit that to Congress; or get an exception letter. Congress should know; or there should be documentation from NSA-DoJ-DoD explaining why the urgent matter was not investigated. These are not classified; the subjects are, but the fact that there is or is not a memo is not classified: They can issue under a FOIA a redacted memo related to all urgent matters which the directors refused to let the IG review; this information is then forwarded to Congress. Where is it?

  • As you review your documents, keep in mind the organizations change symbols. This is not a problem. The key will be to trace the personnel names, and notice when the organizational symbols and headquarters change. Use these symbols to cross check the Defense Finance Accounting System {DFAS} data from Columbus, OH there are open copies of orders which include military commander names; you can then trace their legal counsel to the changes in personnel. This is where Geneva Article 82 and the 5100.77 laws of war program will enter.

  • Your goal should be to develop a composite list of the US Attorneys and all DoJ legal counsel between 2000 and 2006.

  • For cross reference of the organizational names, you can check the Denver Spy Files, and look closely at the JTTF units listed is linked with DoJ-DoD entities. These can be traced to Intel-Link and IP numbers.

  • It is also possible to identify by name the US Attorneys and other DoJ personnel connected to the FISA Court and Solicitor General General. These are located on court schedules called dockets; and also in the public opinions of the court. Remember, your goat here is not to harass the attorneys; your goal is to organize the information so that the public can compare what is known to the attorney standards of conduct and the US Statutes; then guide others to gather additional information for possible prosecution and disbarment.

  • Look in the documents for jet travel, where the aircraft was maintained, and the arrival and departure times: The fuel upload times will trace to specific military vehicles at the maintenance facility, and this will trace to a specific fuel budget code which traces to a specific weapon system, then back to the DFAS. These numbers can then be used to trace which organizations are charging against these codes; and find out which commercial entities are getting paid out of these accounts.

    * * *

    Your goals are simple:

  • Find out who they work for

  • Identify the possible USAM standards they may have violated

  • Identify which possible attorney code of professional conduct they may have violated

  • Identify the scope of information that the DoJ OPR is being denied when reviewing the NSA activity

  • Review whether the FBI Manual on Administrative Operating Procedures is or is not getting followed/ignored/enforced

  • Examine the conduct relative to the Prosecutor Guidelines in the ABA

  • Broaden the review to include the Judicial Code of Conduct as it relates to allegations of unprofessional conduct the court may have been involved with

    * * *


    The American legal community has a problem. The civilian population has the information they need to lawfully, individually target you for investigation and disbarment. The American legal community cannot be trusted to do this on its own.

    Anything the legal community in DoJ, NSA, DoD, or remotely associated with the NSA is now fair game.

    You are outnumbered. There are other nations and citizens connected with other nations who have put the US Constitution before the interests of the American legal community.

    You are going to lose.