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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NSA: Feingold Calls Activity Illegal

Senator Feingold in a letter to AG Gonzalez has called the NSA activity illegal.

Feingold in on both the Senate Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, and reports that 14 of the 18 Senators on the Judiciary have not been briefed on the program.

Feingold also stated that he did not think that the committees needed to review the technical details, merely the legal arguments.

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  • Why is the DoJ unwilling to discuss the legal issues?

  • What reason is DoJ giving to "not review" the legal arguments?

  • Why is DoJ AG unwilling to let DoJ OPR review the "proof" that there is "nothing wrong"?

  • In the 1987 Iran-Contra Minority Report, then-Representative Cheney called for full investigations and fact finding. Why are the Congress and Executive unwilling to do this in 2006?

  • Why should we believe that "discussing a legal issue" is something that "can't be discussed without disclosing classified information?"