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Monday, June 05, 2006

State Proclamation Calling for Congress To Investigate, Impeach Alberto Gonzalez, US Attorney General

This is a State Proclamation you can share with your friends to apply House Rule 603, and call on Congress to investigate, and if warranted, impeach the US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez.

This action is consistent with the State Proclamation efforts already underway in Vermont, California and Illinois.

Below you will find an impeachment proclamation to share with your state legislators; links about rule 603, and a discussion on how this proclamation can be used by others in the RNC to ensure the Republican leadership asserts their oath 5 USC 3331.

State Proclamation Calling for Congress to Investigate and Impeach the Attorney General

Whereas House Rules 603 permits state proclamations calling for Congress to investigate and impeach federal officials who violate their oath of office and commit felonies;

Whereas the State of Florida invoked House Rule 603 was invoked in 1903 against Federal District Court Judge Charles Swayne which Congress voted to investigate and was subsequently impeached;

Whereas the Citizens of the States of Vermont, Illinois, and California have submitted to their respective state legislatures and assemblies bills and proclamations calling for the US Congress to impeach the President and Vice President of the Untied States

Whereas the Constitution remains the supreme law of the land and there exists not national emergency to permit any conduct to abrogate, ignore, or invalidate any clearly promulgated statute;

Whereas the Vice President, then Representative Richard Cheney (R-WY) Ranking Republican on the House Select Committee investigating the illegal Iran-Contra affair, on 5 May 1987 said, “What’s needed, Mr. Chairman, is a calm, objective weighing of the evidence to be presented. Once the Evidence is in we will have the opportunity to draw conclusions and to make recommendations to the House and Senate.”

Whereas the United States Congress refuses to take action to timely protect the US Constitution from domestic enemies., raising serious questions as to their commitment to their 5 USC 3331 oath of obligation to protect this Constitution;

The State Legislature/Assembly of ___(enter State name)___ calls on the United States Congress to vote to investigate, and if warranted bring charges of impeachment, for the following alleged acts by the President’s Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez:

Unconstitutionally directing members of the Executive Branch to violate the precedents for gathering information from Congress;

Willfully and knowingly acting with recklessness and negligence while acting as the President’s chief legal advisor by creating a scheme to unconstitutionally violate the separations of power without exhausting all lawful options to secure evidence and work with others to follow precedent;

Obstruction of Justice over the Department of Justice Office of Professional investigation into the unconstitutional NSA domestic wiretapping activities, which violate the clearly promulgated Constitution and FISA statutes;

Illegally invoking “state secrets” and “state privilege” to thwart, prevent, and obstruct a lawful investigation into his personal conduct as Attorney General;

Violating his of oath of office, 5 USC 3331 and his lawful obligation to enforce Article 3 and 83 of the Geneva Conventions with the respect to detention of belligerents, regardless their nationality, ethnicity, or combatant status;

Unlawfully conspiring with others to commit fraud upon the US courts and Executive branch by working with others to intimidate witnesses, suppress evidence, and illegally obtain warrants in violation of statute, precedence, and clearly established rights and procedures;

Unlawfully abrogating US treaty obligations and the US Constitution by unlawfully directing illegal warrantless monitoring of domestic civilians;

Making false statements to Congress during sworn testimony on issues related to the unlawful NSA domestic activities;

Falsely claiming to Congress that there were emergency circumstances to illegally circumvent the warrant requirements, when he knew there were no bonafide exceptions to the warrant requirements to circumvent the US laws and Constitution of the United States;

Unlawfully counseling others to invade homes, violate statutes, and engage in fraud to avoid detection by the Congress and the Courts;

Unlawfully threatening members of his legal staff with unlawful retribution and retaliation when they provide evidence of his misconduct to the United States Congress;

Unlawfully devising plans, procedures and directing others to engage in unconstitutional conduct by denying speedy trials, removing people to distant lands, abrogating treaties, treating belligerents contrary to US treaty obligations;

Unlawfully refusing to distance himself from illegal activities;

Unlawfully violating his oath of office to the United States Constitution and his solemn oath to preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution from domestic enemies;

Unlawfully conspiring with others to support declassification of information he has no power to declassify; and

Failing to report, as he has a duty to do so, illegal conduct by his peers in the legal community, raising reasonable doubts about his commitment to the American Bar Association standards of professional conduct;

We the State (choose: Legislature/Assembly) of the State of ___(enter your state) _____, call on Members of Congress to immediately vote to investigate and bring articles of impeachment against the United States Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez.

* * *


Here is the permalink for this Proclamation

This is the link for the 603 Effort, for links to the VT, IL, and CA state impeachment efforts using House Rule 603 of Jefferson’s Manual; with the Florida State Precedent of 1903 against Federal District Judge Swayne

This is a link to the article mentioning the House Judiciary discussion on the Impeachment of Gonzalez.

This is the House Judiciary Hearing Website discussing the unconstitutional DoJ raid into Congress.

Here is a link to the State Proclamation Efforts against the President, and Vice President

* * *


The proclamation will send a State level vote of support to the Congress and House Judiciary Committee. The purpose of this proclamation is two trigger a local level discussion on constitutional power; and give the disaffected RNC membership at the local level a tool to raise the 603 proclamation.

It is hoped that by invoking the 603 rule in new, RNC-dominated states against Gonzalez that the RNC membership will realize that there are tools to impose accountability on Gonzalez for his threats to the US Constitution.

This effort springs off the current 603 efforts in Vermont, California, and Illinois.

It is hoped that despite the President and Vice President abusing power, and making Americans feel that Congress should put up with this abuse that the 603 discussion in re Gonzalez will remind the public that the Administration cannot continue to abuse power against the People’s House.

It is time that Americans, despite their exhaustion over the illegal, warrantless surveillance and intrusions, stand with Congress and encourage them to bring Articles of Impeachment against the Attorney General. We cannot idly sit by while the RNC controlled Congress casually discusses the possibility of oversight. These are grave issues and warrant immediate investigation by the US Congress.

Where Congress may have doubt on where to proceed, the states and local citizens should stand tall and provide this leadership: If the Congress does not immediately order and investigation into the unconstitutional intrusion into Congress, then the States are fully prepared to act to mandate a discussion. The voters will also closely notice who in Congress is serious about asserting their oath, protecting the Constitution, and ensuring that the established precedents are equally applied to all branches of government.

Feel free to revise the above proclamation to suit your own interests, and forward this information to your friends, local officials, and your state assemblies and legislatures. It is time to stop thinking about the rule of law, and lawfully asserting our power to compel Congress to do something about it: Investigate.

Recall the words of then-Representative Cheney in 1987 on the eve of the Iran-Contra Hearings:

It is time for this Congress to rise to the occasion, invoke the words of the Vice President, and do what must be done: Assert the rule of law so that this Constitution remains protected, and that our system of separated powers remains intact, not abused or cast to the winds of political history. They have a duty to act. We have a duty to compel them to act. If they refuse, they do not deserve to be called leaders; rather, they should be lawfully removed from office.