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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Privacy: One More Reason Why American Govt Is Worthless

One Congressman described the legislation as "preventing someone from putting a deadbolt on their door until after they're burglarized."

All this time, we're told the Congress and President are in DC to do our bidding. When we have a problem, or could have a problem, what do they do? They sat on their rear end prior to 9-11, waiting for something.

Now, they use the event -- that they helped created, through their inaction -- as the excuse to violate rights, wage illegal war.

On top of that, they invade our homes, do things without warrants, and then have us believe "it's for our safety."

* * *

If the really mean, "We're doing this for your own good" (which is absurd, but I'll play along), you'd think that they'd actually do something that was good.

Not this crew. They will not let people choose to have their credit reports clamped down.

* * *

On top of the fact that they refuse to ensure the NSA actually does "the right thing" with information; and the RNC-White House refuses to ensure data is appropriately used, now the government is essentially saying, "You can't do this."

I'll tell you what: This is bullshit.

Another reason I look forward to kissing the American country "goodbye" and finding another place to live.

This is utterly stupid:

  • Your legal system is crap

  • Your leadership is worthless

  • Your citizenry is lazy

  • Your peers whine that nothing's being done; and when someone (like me) goes out of their way to assist, you jump all over them, "Hay, we'd rather be pathetic, hopeless, and offer no solutions."

    * * *

    America is a shit hole. The leadership is stupid.

    I've made the decision: I'm leaving.

    You can't do simple things, and you keep voting into office those who would gladly claim, "We're doing this for your own good," and then they refuse to permit you to do what you need to do to protect yourself.

  • Information isn't protected

  • They invade your homes, and you do nothing

  • Now they prevent you from doing what is prudent

    America, your leaders treat you like children.

    Enough of this bullshit.

    * * *

    If the leadership won't let me do something, then it's time to lawfully find something that they can be prevented from doing.

    What's it going to be?

    Which "new rules" need to be passed to put the leadership in its place?

    Hay, "We can't 'give you permission' to do what's smart, but we're going to give ourselves a pay raise."

    What a cess pool.

    * * *

    Do I have permission to . . .

  • Think

  • Use my experience

  • Offer solutions

  • Listen

    Not in America. If you dare exercise your rights to protect yourself, you could be labeled a terrorist.

    America is no better than that shit hole-waste heap called the Roman Empire.