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Saturday, April 15, 2006

NSA: White House issues advice on decorum

Drudge linnked to some suggestions for what Americans should do when traveling.

This would be good advice for the NSA, JTTF, bloggers, especially those on FDL.

I'm all for guidelines. What's absurd is when the government lectures us -- as does FDL -- on how we "should" do things.

One word: Mirror.

Here's to all the guildelines that the NSA and White House have ignored: When you start following the laws, I might take your "advice" on what "we should do" seriously.

Here's a hint: If you're a hypocrite, you have no credibility. That goes for you too, Jane Hamsher and those in the "netroots" effort. If you hit the link, you'll see the utter hypocrisy on FDL. Jane was asking for inputs of "whether to attend a forum". SHe had alot of inputs; yet, it wasn't only 60 days later that the blog was violating the very standards decried on the WaPo blog. It's all in the Haloscan links at the beginning of the link. [ Details: Click This has been a welcome break from the non-sense on Firedoglake, as it has been from the ConyersBlog. Amazing what happens when you get slapped in the face with a rude wakeup: Makes you look at things in a new light.