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Monday, November 21, 2005

American Law Enforcement

Some say there are some real idiots in the military.

Who doesn't meet the standard to fight in an unlawful war?

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Personal opinion, not necessarily widely held:

The proud Americans: The ones who aren't in Iraq.

Keystone Cops?


* * *

Look at the details in the image. It appears there are some issues:

  • How the firearm is held: As if they're not comfortable, familiar with the equipment; or they lack a sense of confidence and discipline.

  • Focus: They appear to be surprised, as if, "Wow, a real shoot out."

  • Physical build of the people: Is it me, or do they seem out of shape?

  • They look tired, exhausted: What happened to their training?

  • The gloves: They're not matching, suggesting/indicating they have been given permission to use personalized equipment. Notice the far-right green-like glove: Is that a thumb sticking out of a hole?

  • Notice their forefingers: Not in the same place; some are near safety; others near the trigger. Hm. . . Are those loaded, or are they on safety?

  • Notice they're talking -- where are the headsets; and who's actually in charge?

  • No picture-talk: Notice they're pointing in free space, not pointing to a specific image, map, or definite image they can agree on.

    Please, tell me they're pointing in the right direction.

    Something doesn't look right.

  • Why aren't they behind a protective barrier?

  • If this a situation warranting high powered rifles, why aren't they wearing helmets?

    * * *

    America went to war in 2003. Where were these guys?