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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Holmes and Cruise: On the rocks, or sweet as ice cream?

The buzz is Tom and Katie have put the breaks on.

Here was a sign: When the camera wasn't focused on her, Katie didn't seem all that happy.

Click on the image and look at her face:

As a comparison, notice the neutral look in this other image of her:

Contrast it when it looks like she knows the cameras are focused on her:

Why is someone who's just been engaged/proposed to in France to Tome Cruise, got such a long face?

It looks like Chris Klein may be the answer. The key is to notice:

A. The contrast in the images: Notice the images of Chris Klein and Katie are close; both of their reactions are somewhat parallel, or on a similar level.

Zoom in on her again, and contrast it with her netural face [in white], and then the first image [her in purple, behind Cruise]:

B. Now compare them with the reactions with Holmes and Cruise: Notice the reactions go from a greater extreme, meaning: There's much more emotion involved with Cruise.

The longer Katie stays away from Cruise, the longer she has time to think. She's excited, but it doesn't look like she's happy.

The Cruise-Holmes wedding may not happen right away.

Chris Klein, de-assimilating Katie, you fantasy-breaker!


Amerie comments on her contrast on and off camera.

The Star has more.

After the 27 March 2004 breakup between Cruise and Cruz, Cruise allegedly went after Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, and Lindsay Lohan; but this talk was rebuffed.


Katie Cruise. Katie Holmes.

If she changes her name to "Cruise" it has a ring to it.

We know her as Katie Holmes. Then again, it's her name and she can do what she wants.

One Italian newspaper Donna Moderna called it, "Il mio nome รจ Cruise, Katie Cruise" . . .