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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

American Legion has a problem: They haven't met bloggers

American legion has announced that they will use any and all means to go against protestors. Is the American Legion serious about interfering with commerce, free speech, and freedom to speak out?

Update: [29 Aug 05] FBI puts group under surveillance for using any means necessary to peacefully achieve their goals. Will they apply the same standards to Bush supporters?

We'll see how quickly we can exhaust the American Legions war chest with Anti-Slapp lawsuits, with special emphasis on the the Legion legal counsel.

Bring it on!

American Legion threats

As you may have already heard, the Legion has stated they will use all means to clamp down on protestors.

There are other organizations of Veterans who disagree with the Legion and invite you to join their cause and activities.

The source of our freedom to speak out is the Bill of Rights as discussed in Federalist 84. This freedom applies to all speech, and is not limited to government actions.

Some organizations like to stifle your speech and participation in public issues. They file what is called a SLAPP, which stands for "Strategic Lawsuit Against public Participation".

There are Anti-Slapp statutes prohibiting individuals, organizations, and other entities from prohibiting you from speaking out about matters of public interstate.

In other words, don't fall for the trap of thinking, "The American Legion can clamp down on you because the Legion isn't part of the government." On the contrary, you have the right to speak and also bring suit if someone attempts to intimidate you to be quiet about something you want to talk about.

I wanted to give you some links and a heads up about the American legion. My post has too many links: More than 10, so I'm unable to post the entire list of links and comments here.

I've outlined what they're saying, their media strategy, some of their vulnerabilities, suggestions on how to get other views known, and who might be interested, both stateside and overseas. [More . . .]

American Legion is indirectly related to DoD and DoJ/JTTF in that former military personnel tend to cross flow back and forth. They've also been spotted in Nebraska intimidating ACLU officers when showing films related to the Patriot Act.

Good luck!

Detailed links and comments

Some are asserting that the "protections for free speech only apply to the Government, not private organizations." In that spirit, and given the momentum from Hawaii, I forecast the American Legion may threaten legal action to silence people.

There's some consolation: The courts have ruled in re Slapp.

Let the world know: If the American Legion wants to shut down free speech using lawsuits, their legal costs could go up.

To learn more about the media strategy the American Legion uses, you can read more at their site or this information about how they are organized.

If you would like to encourage your neighbors to contact the Legion to voice your concerns with their apparent inflammatory remarks, feel free to contact you local Legion. Here is a sample list of Michigan Legion POCs; a state based index.

The VA already has a problem with funding. If the Legion wants to press for a clampdown on free speech, then the VA funding which the American Legion needs and is pushing for can be put on the chopping block. The veterans can thank the Legion for the funding cuts.

American Legion also has a relationship with Sprint: Perhaps everyone could encourage Sprint to reconsider their relationship with the American Legion in light of the announcement.

AmLegion also has overseas posts in foreign countries like Ireland. Perhaps those in foreign countries via the American Citizens Abroad who value American liberation might make a personal visit to various AmLegion posts to voice their dissent.

Here is the Am Legion HQ Phone number if you want to have your friends in CA call them.

As you can see there are many e-mails, addresses available for people to exercise their web-writing skills. Perhaps there could be an automated-form-like system [similar to the letter to the editor for Cindy] that Congressman Conyers set up; and these could be individually tailored for local editors: To express concern about the apparently inflammatory actions.

Also, keep in mind the American Legion boasts membership in the DoJ, DoD, and Law enforcement like JTTF and CIFA: These are the former military personnel who turned interrogator at the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo interrogations, and have gone after dissenters speaking out about the Patriot Act or Watching Michael Moore's 9-11 Film, Fahrenheit 9-11.

If you want to read more about the American Legion like intimidation activities involving ACLU officers, I did some research into a case in Nebraska, and all the points of contact in JTTF intelligence operations are outlined. [More . . .]

These guys are nasty and plan to use the full force of JTTF to intimidate people, but Cindy has already shown that JTTF is irrelevant, and nothing can stop the protestors from speaking out. The American Legion's announcement is a sign of White House desperation.

Remember, the Legion is not technically savvy; they rely on e-mail, and are not all that familiar with RSS. Use that to your advantage and move faster than they can.

Hoc voluerunt!