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Monday, October 11, 2004

Your personal information will be available on the web -- dossiers to intimidate you to give up your rights

Every piece of information about you will be centralized in a government database.

What the FBI is developing:

the indexes, dossiers, watch lists and informers; the liaisons with local police and the CIA; the discreet contacts with neighbors, school officials and employers; and, finally, covert action to "disrupt" and "neutralize" him. Ref

They store non-criminal information like:

- How you spend your time
- Who your friends are
- The hours you travel
- Why you go to certain parts of the country
- Your work friends
- What you do in your leisure time
- Your hobbies
- Any information available about you

They do this so they can interrogate you. The do this so that when you ask for help, they have excuses to do nothing.

If you are a victim, you are given excuses for their inaction.

Then the questions begin.

Beware. Anytime you call for help, they will take advantage of you.

They are of no help. Simply collecting more information.

Preparing to interrogate you. Doing nothing to assist. Doing everything to gather more information.

Non-crimial databases. Information kept off the official incident reports.

Not turned over as required under Brady.

Hidden. On the FBI-drive. And in the secret databases.

Much is done to deny their existence. Even the prosecutors will say that they have "no role" in protecting that information.

They make up reasons not to protect the information, even though there is a 1974 privacy act.

Federal agents will set up their own private investigation firms, and then use their access to these databases for unofficial purposes.