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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bush: Wired during debate -- frequencies reserved


WMD Images: Can't have it both ways, Mr President. We can either trust the images, or not. There was no evidence in Iraq, no matter how you explain away the bulge in your suit, you do have 4 frequencies set aside for you.

Further, cell-phones are blocked around the President so that they do not interfere, pick-up, or broadcast over with the ear-piece frequency.

  • Frequencies: frequencies are reserved for the ear piece. Scroll to the bottom, to see the frequencies listed from 2002, indicating that these frequencies have not been made up "just because they saw a bulge at the debate in 2004," but have been in use for some time. Frequencies are also listed here: Source, and other scanner notes.

    Because it is clear there frequencies have been in use for quite some time, and are officially designated, the White House has a problem. They have publicly stated that this was not done. Specifically, this statement is ridiculous:
    "The president has never been assisted by any audio signal." ref Admissible, Authority: 399 U.S. 149
  • Audio -- There are noticeable audio errors. Rather than directing his comment to the moderator or Kerry, Bush can be heard arguing with the audio-prompter-person: here; another audio clip. Another sample.

  • Discussion/Analysis -- Confirming letter. Discussion, and analysis and more discussion. Google.

  • Images -- Ref: Look at the bulge on his back. Another lighting angle. Closeup of ear -- Speaking style adjusted -- device image. System description. Here's a video showing a mix-up with the ear piece while visiting France. Another video.

    There are no terms in the 32-page agreement that impose sanctions for rule-violations, discovered and confirmed many days later.

    Scrapple face take.

    Action: What you can do

    Ask Drudge and Mr Soros to comment in their blogs on the use of ear-pieces. Direct e-mail to Mr Soros.