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Monday, October 11, 2004

Nigerian oil and Libyan development


Reward people for doing things that help.

The idea behind trade is to exchange.

A country that provides us with goods, needs something in return. If they don't have something, and that "lack" interferes without our ability to get those things we weant, trade is a good thing.

Nigeria has oil that we want; and their labor wants low prices. Their problem is they don't have enough oil processing-facilities. Ref

Why isn't the US government issuing tax-incentives to firms that provide oil refinery-capability to Nigeria?

The idea behind security is that when a cuontry has a problem, we do something to help them.

Libya has problems with not having sufficient development; labor streams across the border, like Mexico north.

Why isn't the US and EU getting their heads together to focus on developing the counries to the south.

Rather than put emphasis on selling weapons, why not put energy-resources into creating conditions that make the labor want to stay where they are.

They're traevling north for a better life. Why not help them create that life in the south.