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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Cheney: Even when he pulls strings, the puppets don't work as planned

Interesting contrast in re Cheney -- the same man who traded with Saddam while CEO of Haliburton voted against resolutions that would free Mandella.

Cheney can pull strings, but only when the strings are working as planned -- Bush was wired during the debate, and still floundered. We can only wonder whether it was Karl or Dick who was whispering the comments.

Yes it's odd...that's why it's normal for the Bush-era -- they have so many layers of absurdity, delusion, and fantasy-land, that simply being "odd" is almost unremarkable. But, thanks for pointing it out--another reason to run if Bush is re-elected--we can only wonder what else is really on the way.

Vote Kerry!