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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

RNC: After threatening protestors for exercising their rights, RNC wants the world to forget

How many of those protestors were later let go because of insufficient evidence?

All of 227 of them.

What about the RNC intimidation of protestors? Indeed, the RNC wants it both ways.

The Chairman challenged Sweeney to immediately discontinue the intimidation of people who hold different political views from his union's membership but share an equal right to be involved in the political process. Ref

It's OK if the RNC intimidates voters that disagree with the RNC; it's just "not OK" if those voters vote against the RNC.

Here is what the RNC's real view on being "involved" in the political process: Lock them up.

mass round-ups . . . failed to distinguish between protesters engaging in civil disobedience, other demonstrators, disinterested bystanders, media and legal observers. Ref