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Monday, October 11, 2004

Court orders inquiry: MSFT to be accused of Obstruction of justice, document destruction, inadequate document retention, lying to DoJ?

Unsealed documents.

Court berates Microsoft and orders expanded discovery

Overview of the case. Letter: Dates 15 Oct, 5 Nov. Case mangement info; Court Opinions.

Ref, another, More, Judge Motz.

Interchange: Judge Motz is really getting irritated with Microsoft's non-sense during hearing:

. . .the mistake had essentially eroded their witness' credibility.

"This casts doubt on the credibility of the entire videotaped demonstration," he said. "How can I rely on it if you can't tell me if it is the same machine?"

He then attacked Allchin, who was ultimately responsible for the video. "This is very troubling," he said. "I'd feel much better about it if you had made the test yourself."

"I did make the test," Allchin replied.

"Yeah, but that is not what I am seeing here," Jackson retorted. Ref
Ref: PBS coverage.

Links outlining the apparent deceptions.

ANother piece about Allchin.

Deeper into the Diebold arena.

August 2003 incentives for MSFT, response, and response to MSFT.

Stupid lawyers don't know when they've gone too far.