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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Iraqi Prime Minister lies to Congress, then speaks about a civil war in Iraq

The Iraqi Prime Minister had part of his speech written by the White House. What was upbeat, later proved in stark contrast to what he said at home.

It is not surprising his words are scripted or that he mislead the Congress. What is noteworthy is that there's been little attention given to his comments in Iraq.

He spoke of a long struggle, yet downplayed those concerns before the Congress.

At home, he mentioned the difficulty of fighting against a gathering and growing insurgency; while before Congress he again downplayed this problem.

It is noteworthy that a foreign head of state would lie to the Congress; what is surprising is that the deception goes unchallenged.

But for John Kerry. When he speaks out, the world's leaders respond with feigned shocked: For he speaks the truth.