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Monday, October 11, 2004

Liberals need not despair

Don't lose hope. Not everyone hates you.

1. You're progressive. Tell people why you're voting for Kerry. It doesn't matter what label they give you.

2. Many strong right-wing-conservatives are behind Kerry. Those you might have been most fearful of are now your allies. We have a common political-enemy: Bush.

3. When they call right-wing-conservatives "liberal", they admit they are fascists.

4. Right-wing conservatives who are accused of being "liberal" should rejoice -- the enemy has revealed themselves.

5. Bush's fascist-legacy makes it patriotic for right-wing-conservatives to vote for Kerry.

6. America need leaders, not fascists. Vote for Kerry.

7. Kerry is a thinking American. There's no other better reason. Four years of a robot has given us ... well, robotic policy.