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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

American values

The world carefully notices. Although much can be said about America, it's the actions that say more.

A fearful leader. Unsettled. His flock poorly led. There is much potential, but squandered.

Although the largest bully on the block, there is the hope its era is drawing to a close.

Those in the Senior Ranks of the Non Commissioned Officers know. There is much potential, but little to be done. For both the Congress and the President are at odds. Grand visions, yet insufficient resources.

The legacy of betrayal and abuse is not just at home. The world has less respsect for a system that preaches values, while it destroys them.

Comparisons to Roman Legions. Far away from home. Annoying the locals. Principles which may sound nice, but in practice poorly executed.

These debts are not "things that the younger generation will have to bear." For they will not have the income to pay them off; rather, their standard of living will drop, as will the elderly-poor, left behind.

America is a symbol of something from long ago. It means less to those who see their friends killed.

America is best to fix at home, before it preaches abroad; right to correct that which is broken before letting the horses loose with broken wagons.