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Friday, September 17, 2004

Government officials: Those in the know are most silent

It is a shame that those who are closest to the misconduct are silent.

Their President has delegated much authority with "take care of it." Yet there are stll rules: The constitutution.

DoJ and DoD got their marching orders. To get the information. Through any means.

Many stepped forward. Answered the call. And crossed the line.

Congress is silent. The crimes have been committed.

Yet this President wants it to go away.

Why do those who are closest to this misconduct not willing to step forward?

Because they have not clarified in their own minds that there any good will come of it. That things will not change.

What miracle are they waiting for? As we are on the slippery slope.

Indeed, they want the self-evident conclusion that it is "safe" to speak out, and stand up for the constitution.

They are not leaders. But afraid. Thinking only of themselves. Fearful they might rock the boat.

They are not leaders. They need to be removed. Given new leadership.