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Monday, September 27, 2004

FBI: Despite Sibel's complaint to Hatch, they still have nontranscribed tapes

How many more 9-11s does the country require for Hatch and the goons in the FBI and DoJ to actually listen to Sibel?

123,000 hours of audio in languages associated with terrorists still had not been reviewed as of April 2004, the audit found. In addition, more than 370,000 hours of audio associated with counter-intelligence had not been reviewed

Translation: Bush can't say, "We've taken a look at the 9-11 recommendations" nor can anyone say, "We already fixed that problem." Look at what was said a year ago, and they still haven't fixed it. Back-up

Despite knowing the problems within the FBI, Bush and the morons in both DoJ and the Senate Judiciary Committee have collectively failed to fix the government, but have put alot of energy into blaming the public:

the FBI's understandable but obsessive concern with security, its sometimes cumbersome bureaucracy and, critics say, its nativist culture make the bureau a difficult place for Muslims and foreign-born linguists to get jobs and work. ref

It doesn't do much good to spend "all this money" collecting and storing non-criminal information unrelated to anything...when you have thousands of hours of tapes that have no been transcribed.

DoJ and local law enforcement have their priorities upside down.

Why wasn't 9-11 enough of a catalyst for you to listen to reasonable complaints from people like Sibel?

The money that could attract people is being wasted in Iraq.

Ref: Part of the wider pattern of problems with intelligence.