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Monday, September 27, 2004

Police: They say they have a problem when the genearl population gives up support

Law enforecment managers are taught to blame the critics as police bashers. But when the "general public" starts to complain, that's when the chiefs really start to pay attention.

Brilliant. So we have to have "the idiots who blindly obey" to be the ones to "send the signal" that the police really have a problem.

Are you comforted knowing "checks and balances" only works when the problem is pervasive?

Government proves it fails when it is unresponsive to the early signs of problems; it truly blunders when it requires "self-evident and foregone conclusions" to be so obvious that the problem cannot be blamed on a minority.

Time to blame the entire population.

"Please show your arms. You will be branded with your new prisoner number."