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Monday, September 27, 2004

Rewriting Japanese Internment History

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It's all well and good to lock people up, just don't make any comparisons to today's Patriot Act.

Never mind that the rights of the Japaense were denied, just as they are today.

If you "don't fit in," or dare to question John Ashkrofts prompting of unlawful government conduct you might be well, unpatriotic.

Small problem. The 12-year olds in Washington State have figure it out. "The US government denied people their rights."

COngratulations, Virginia, you stated what it took 3 years for the American Bar Association to realize.

Comparisons between the WWII and Patriot Act are controversial. Imagine that. Let's divert attention from whether abuses are occuring in Guantanamo and stateside, and change the subject to "whether or not the analogy is relevant."

Fine, let's skip the comparison and call it what it is: Fascism.

Denial of free speech, assocation, travel, and public oversight. We fought a great revolution in 1776 to establish this Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Now, anytime someone asserts those rights, they're branded as suspicious, detained, threatened with detention, and told "their efforts to oversee government are a waste of time."

Wonderful. Government once again proves it has a duty: "Explain to us why we should believe you."

They have no answers, more non-sense on the broadcast transcripts.

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