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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Detentions: The double standard

There's an argument going around that "if the Islamists had detained people, there would be outrage."

Excellent point. Strange how the Untied States can get away with detaining people for three years without a peep.

Yet the minute "someone else" [the enemy of the week, check your local listings] decides to do this, "Oh, the infamy."

It's pretty absurd how people will use the "If the Islamists did this, there would be outrage." This incorrectly assumes that there's unfair outrage for non-Islamists engaging in detentions.

Why is it OK for the US to engage in war crimes, abuse, and detentions without charges; but others, when they do the same, suddenly it's a basis to justify more illegal conduct?

The US is already walking on thin ice. If the US deems fit to violate the laws of war, then others can also violate the laws of war. We've detained people without charges; the US cannot rely on the Geneva Conventions clauses it has ignored as the basis to accuse others as warranting international sanctions or invasion.

It remains to be seen how soon the world starts to say, "If the US continues to violate the laws of war, we'll simply violate those laws of war when we engage the US." Be careful when throwing stones.