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Monday, September 27, 2004

Iraq: Insurgents are getting training from US Marines

That's right, US military personnel are training insurgents in Iraq how to shoot better.

Insurgents have been taking up the call to "learn to be an Iraqi National Guardsman" and going under cover.

There have also been mass desertions of the Iraqi security services ~despite~ the vetting.

How many times can an insurgent cycle through the US-sponsored training programs before getting caught?

Many. Their aim is improving. And the "newly US-trained insurgents" share with their fellow fighters the latest US tactics.

Iraq isn't just a hornets nest of problems. The US is actively creating the enemy.

Next step, give them the keys to the Pentagon. Oh, wait we already did that when we did nothing about the warnings prior to 9-11.

Dont laugh, we really are selling them the rope to hang us.