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Monday, September 27, 2004

Tell the FBI to kiss your butt

Ref Quotes below are from Time.

"rousting people suspected of supporting violent extremists"

"Federal lawmen may question or tail others—if only to let them know the government can find them. . . Some agents say such tactics could backfire by alienating Muslims whose help the bureau needs in identifying suspicious people."

Forget about alienating the rest of America; or those the government has already aliented by their abysmal 9-11-response, both before and after.

Think you're being followed? CHances are, if you've benefited from Bushs' tax cuts, you fit the following profile:

"Agents have been asking law-abiding emigres to report strangers who spout radical rhetoric or who have large sums of money and no jobs; those who rent apartments and vanish for weeks; or people who borrow cell phones and computers to message friends abroad."

That's right, you have alot of money, you not only get a tax break, but you're eligible for closer scrutiny. They're even going after the Bush-supporters now.

Here's a joke:

"the FBI isn't relying exclusively on tips"

This presumes they were relying on tips in the past, which isn't correct. Not only were they actively rebuffing information, but even if they got the information they ignored it.

Not to be outdone. More of the "we can't do anything"-anti-logic:

"... eight weeks before the Sept. 11 attacks, all the hijackers were already in the U.S. If al-Qaeda operatives are truly about to attack, as the U.S. intelligence community says, then most are probably already here

Translation: The US can't find them. Lions, tigers, and bears! How many of AlQueda are still in the FBI--FBI agents knew the 9-11 attacks were going to hit the WTC, but "the buildings were not supposed to fall down."

Strange how America pays not attention to "novel ideas" when there's a chance to do something.

Government harasses workers when they dare show any initiative at work; then when the workers cry uncle and give up, then the Feds use this as an excuse to label them as suspicious.

Idiots in government. Detained in America for exercising your rights.

What are we fighting for in Iraq, when "exercising those rights" is the "basis" to detain someone? If you like the "way things are here," ~you~ move to Iraq.