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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rove's Internet Files

Here is Rove's White House C: Drive index access portal

Please recover these:

Direct Access to Link about Rove's C-Drive [Rove_K:


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Rove appears to use Internet Explorer, and Windows XP or Windows 2000. Ref

The correct address for Rove's C: Drive information appears to be [Without the underscores between words as originally reported]:

C:\Documents and Settings\Rove K\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\

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Discovery of White House and RNC E-mails

This is very important. We've been told that the e-mails have not been retained. OK, but there's something else to check.

Each time one of the White House staffers visited the website, they should have that information still on their computer.

Despite the name 'temporary', the cache of a website remains stored on the hard disk until the user manually clears the cache.Ref

The key will be to look at the user's knowledge of the computer, and whether the cache clearing had been a routine policy; or whether they only cleared the cache after the website was disclosed in Sampson's e-mail and identified. It appears the White House counsel sent an e-mail instructing everyone to clear their cache after Waxman told them to retain all e-mails.

Knowing who frequently visited the website would give an idea who was using the non-official e-mail; and what types of things they were doing. For example, if they were regularly listed on e-mails, or part of meeting discussions, but there is no record of those conversations on the Presidential e-mails, then they most likely anticipated that they would have their files reviewed, but they had those files purged.

What Congress and Waxman need to do is pointedly tell the White House counsel not to issue any guidance instructing anyone to clear their cache. There's a way to do an inventory of all of the EOP computers which are visiting the website; and determine which of the computers have or have not cleared their cache. You may not have an e-mail, but you'll know who was accessing the site; and what types of e-mail they were most likely accessing, which subjects, and other e-mail folders they were most likely part of. Remember, you're dealing with people inside and outside the White House. It's not credible to argue that there are only a few dozen people: There were other contractors involved with coordinating on information going into the White House.


I want Waxman and the Congressional auditors to review the bookmarks of the EOP computers. The bookmarks are the lists of URL where the White House staff would have a saved bookmark or link to quickly go to the website. Look for evidence these bookmarks have been deleted; or that the cache of these bookmarks contains links and similar bookmarks. Some of the staff regularly used the website, and it’s likely they had a desktop tool or shortcut to the site to conduct their communications. You'll want to see when this was uploaded; how long it was in use; and when they delegated. Then you’ll want to see how their deletions of these bookmarks square with the Waxman memos; and e-mails from legal.

At worst, despite public assurances that they’re retraining or have purged e-mails, the RNC is using a secondary communication system to coordinate the document purge. Evidence of this will be a consistent deletion of bookmarks, shortcuts, and other links to across all of EOP; but a missing e-mail.

___ How is the White House counsel explaining all these similar deletions, but no record of instructions?

___ What is the secondary backup system, outside the and RNC websites that the White House Staff is using to orchestrate this purge and evidence destruction?

They're moving very recklessly right now, and they have not practiced this, or they're going to make some errors. You’ll want to check their backup caches, and find out what sites they've been commonly accessing to receive these official purge instructions.

DoJ Instant Messaging Ref

We can confirm that the DOJ Staff has been using instant messaging, and they do use this IM system to contact without side firms unrelated to DOJ. There are transcripts of the live comment chats going between the DOJ and other entities. Look under Documents and Settings to find their instant message activity between EOP, RNC, and other entities linked with the website.

Google DeskTop Ref

The President has fatally admitted he uses Google. This means he is subject to having the Google Desktop examined for any evidence that he has received or reviewed any e-mail he supposedly says he’s not getting. Recall the President has asserted he doesn’t use e-mail; yet which “unused” e-mail is he referring? It’s likely he doesn’t use official e-mail, but uses these secondary e-mails.

What I'd like for Waxman and Congress to consider are the means by which the e-mail -- once it is read, and accessed at -- is cached. Google Desktop may have been activated; all e-mails read on that particular computer may have been stored. Although the computer itself may not have record; or the e-mail has been purged, it is possible that the Google Desk top still has a record of which e-mails a particular computer accessed. Ref

Outside Counsel in re Document Retention

We know that the White House has been occupied by legal counsel that do know document retention standards. Outside counsel have fatally revealed their interest in White House communications related to Kyle Sampson, Gonzalez, and the US Attorney firing. Once that Counsel is linked with [a] the US Attorney firing e-mail, [b] commentary on the White House Administration, and [c] known expertise in document retention standards, they've got a hard case to make that the White House staff and legal counsel failed to ensure there was an e-mail archive or cache system, regardless whether the e-mail being read was on the official White House system, or was e-mail being read from somewhere else. This was a known issue and they should have had a system in place that would ensure this activity was being stored as required under the Presidential records.

There are four lines of Evidence linking Sidely Austin to this White House e-mail issue:

1. They have a known expertise in data retention;
2. Brad Berenson was former White House counsel now with Sidley;
3. On the weekends just after Sampson was identified, Sidely Austin in DC and Chicago were discussing the White House e-mail issues; and
4. Sidley Austin has fatally admitted in public that it knows enough about the White House Administrative Section and IT area to make public comments publicly, and linking Sidley Austin to this known Administrative function in EOP.

It's most likely that Sidley Austin has some sort of contract with the White House to act as outside counsel in this document retention area. It's up to Sidley Austin, despite the insight from Berenson, to explain why it apparently wasn't keeping up to speed on the Hatch Act, and not fully informing the White House legal counsel of all requirements. Sidely was in a position to conduct peer reviews, conduct IT audits, and ensure the White House IT department did comply with all document retention standards, regardless the origin or destination of the e-mail.

* * *

Ref There is an Internet Cache Explorer download, at the link, you can use to do forensic analysis of the cache of the White House Staff computers.

Ref: How to find the Temporary Internet Files on Rove's Computer.

Ref Screen shots of the IE 6.0 [ General Tab ] Temporary Internet Files option.

These can be accessed using the Administrator's Computer in the White House, which legal counsel well know. We can confirm that outside counsel is aware of this IT area inside the White House; and they are knowledgeable of the data retention requirements.

Please ask all White House counsel now assigned to outside counsel why they did not ensure the e-mail-retention satisfied the Presidential Retention Acts.

Of interest are the former White House counsel assigned to firms which have an expertise with data retention standards; and have provided commentary and updates on public discussions of White House IT/Administrative functions.

* * *

Details on the Content Listing Rove's Computer

There’s a map. Rove wasn't serious about pursuing voter fraud cases, but the opposite: Intimidating voters, using election caging, and affecting the election outcome with questionable, if not illegal methods.

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Other Links of Interest

Ref Discuss at TPM the Rove File.

Ref Original document in DoJ/White House E-mails on US Attorney Firings

Ref Website where Rove apparently was surfing, where the above C: Drive information was stored.

Ref Rove C:Drive reported on Conyers Blog.