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Sunday, January 28, 2007

US Forces Disguised As Insurgents

It appears foreign fighters have retaliated against US forces for their illegal disguise as insurgents in Iraq.

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America’s Use of Insurgent Uniforms

Geneva prohibits treachery, including wearing enemy uniforms.

Now that some group has apparently worn US uniforms, this raises some question:

A. How do the combatants view themselves with respect to Geneva;

B. What other violations do the combatants view as lawful?

C. What has the US done first to provoke this, or justify combatants taking retaliatory acts?

Geneva permits reciprocity, but the US has been silent, suggesting the US has first engaged in this conduct either disguised as insurgents in Iraq; or has used Iranian uniforms inside Iraq or Iran to stage like attacks.

To be understood:

___ Which other forces disguised as US forces have entered combat; and how were the identification cards obtained

___ TO what extent do the combatants view this is lawful reciprocity for like US actions

___ Where has the US done the same prompting this action

Most likely

US is silent on this wearing of Uniforms because the US forces and/or civilian forcers have been doing this; this activity has bearing on Iran; and raises issues to what extent other combatants will expand Geneva violations.