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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cheny's Testimony

The House of Representatives has taken impeachment off the table.

The Vice President faces no prospect of legal consequences if he lies under oath.

* * *

Some have heralded the Vice President's potential appearance in court as unprecedented. Raymond Burr was indicted as a Vice President -- more than this US government can celebrate.

* * *

___ Does Cheney's potential appearance as a witness in the Libby trial mean anything?

Answer: No, he can lie under oath, and the US Congress has collectively stated they will not enforce the law, impeach, or remove anyone from office.

___ What does Cheney's potential for perjury mean for America?

Answer: Americans should not have confidence in the testimony Cheney might provide. Even if under oath, he could lie, and Congress has no plans to hold him accountable.

___ What do the US prosecutors think of lying under oath?

Answer: They take it seriously and have brought charges against Libby.

___ If the Vice President lies can anything be done?

Answer: Even if prosecutors were to get a grand jury to bring an indictment, nothing will happen unless Congress chooses to review the matters.

___ What could Cheney lie about?

Answer: Anything, and Congress has stated they will not do anything.

___ What could Cheney do to protect Libby?

Answer: Cheney could direct more combat forces, under the protection of the US government, to wage covert operations in other countries to do nasty things, wage illegal warfare, and incite other nations to attack the US.

___ Is there anything that will stop Cheney from lying?

Answer: No. Congress has chosen to do nothing about impeachment. Even if there were high crimes, the House has illegally chosen to put its power under the direction of the Senate -- until the Senators agree, in advance, to remove Cheney from office (which they won’t) -- the House does not plan to assert its power.

___ What does it mean when the leaders of the US government could lie under oath, but nothing will happen to them?

Answer: It means the rule of law is meaningless for some, but harshly enforced against others. This government is not legitimate.

___ Can an illegitimate government be replaced with something that is?

Answer: In theory, and election is supposed to do that. However, this 2006 election has not brought anything new, but more excuses not to act to assert the rule of law.

___ Can the US population violently overthrow the US government?

Answer: No, that is not lawful.

___ What can be done?

Answer: Foreign fighters comprehend the problem, and have increased combat operations. The US government must decide if it is serious about surviving. It has been defeated. The leadership has run out of options.

___ Will foreign fighters protect the Constitution?

Answer: Yes, the Constitution is stronger than they are.

___ Why will foreign fighters do what Congress refuses to do?

Answer: Your Congress is lazy; foreign fighters solve problems.

___ Should we vote into office foreign fighters?

Answer: That is your choice.

___ Should American be fearful?

Answer: No, the US government -- as an institution -- is without form, life, or passion. It is in capable of fear. Do not worry. This is politics through warfare -- the assertion of lawful power against illegal power.

___ What happens if the US government declares martial law or suspends the writ of habeas corpus?

Answer: In effect, you already have that, nothing will change. The US government has no resources to credibly impose martial law. All competent US combat forces have been exhausted, decimated, and destroyed. They have no equipment to fully implement martial law. Foreign fighters are prepared to find the detention camps and release any detained citizens. The laws of war permit foreign fighters to engage in humanitarian interventions. They are ready.

___ How is all this happening without the US government knowing -- doesn't the NSA monitor everything?

Answer: There are things that the NSA cannot do. This is well planned. Do not worry; we are on the side of the US Constitution and the American people. If the US government would like to join, that is their choice. However, the rule of law, US Constitution, and American people shall prevail. Your government is the problem.

___ How will we know what to look for?

Answer: At a time, place, and manner of our choosing -- outside US government control or ability to do anything about -- you will know. Remain clam. Your Constitution and the security of the American people are assured. The rule of law shall prevail. We are on your side. Best wishes and happy holidays.