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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Illegal GOP Rebellion, Insurrection Against Constitution

The Republican party continues illegal combat operations in this spreading insurrection against the Constitution.

* * *

Normally, when there is an insurrection, the civilian leadership will impose order. This Republican party refuses to suppress, but incites this insurrection against the US Constitution. The Republican Party continues its illegal rebellion and insurrection against the rule of law.

It is serious business to defy the Supreme Law. All GOP plans to suppress resistance to this illegal GOP rebellion are not lawful. Any government employee who illegally supports this illegal insurrection against the Constitution can be lawfully prosecuted.

Once the RNC illegally uses force against American civilians, there is no longer a credible threat that the GOP may or may not do something. They have run out of options.

Once the American leadership employs illegal force, the prospect of what may or may not happen to Americans as a consequence of opposing that illegal use of force are meaningless.

Force only works when it works, not when it fails. This Republican party has failed to successfully employ combat forces against insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is little prospect they can successfully employ like force against American civilians.

There is no credible way the RNC can credibly back up any military plan to scheme to implement martial law. They have failed in Iraq. There is no prospect they will succeed in the United States.

The only way the GOP can credibly prevail in combat operations against Americans is if they believe that Americans are more inept that Iraqis. This belies the American reality. No American for a moment believes that they are stupid, less organized, or as incompetent as a foreign fighter.

Americans are known for ingenuity, creativity, and problem solving. Why these skills have failed in Iraq and Afghanistan are irrelevant.

Just as the American Joint Staff and National Security Council failed to correctly analyze the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, so too have they underestimated the will of the American people.

The American government has already illegally used forced and failed. A threat of force is meaningless.

The American government does not have the competence, much less the legal foundation to credibly prevent foreign fighters from lawfully intervening to provide humanitarian assistance and defend the American Constitution.

* * *

State and local government may lawfully suppress the rights of those who illegally support the unlawful GOP-led insurrection against the US Constitution.

State and local officials may lawfully apply the Military Commissions Bill, and impose these standards on US government officials, members of the DOJ Staff counsel, and other GOP staff who continue to defy their oath.

The President's assertion of illegal power cannot lawfully be recognized, and he has no lawful authority to compel anyone to enforce the illegal Military Commissions Bill.

Local and state officials may lawfully gather evidence, and prosecute DOJ Staff counsels who are assigned to their state disciplinary boards. US Attorneys, who refuses to protect the Constitution, may lawfully be seized, detained, and imprisoned until State officials find it convenient to declare the illegal GOP insurrection over.

State and local officials may pass local ordinances to lawfully punish those who are actively engaging in illegal insurrection against the US Constitution; or have illegally put into effect unlawful policies, programs, and statutes which defy the Supreme Law.

State and local officials, who refuse to assert their oath, and otherwise defy the Supreme Law themselves, are equally able to be charged with sedition, illegal insurrection, and similar violations of the Constitution.

* * *

The American government may not credibly threaten sanctions or abuse when that abuse and use of force has failed.

The DOJ Staff has already illegally imposed war crimes abuses on American citizens. His name is Padilla. There is no credibility to the Attorney General's contention that the Military Commissions Bill only applies to foreign fighters. This President and the DOJ Staff, working illegally in concert with the DoD Joint Staff, have illegally assented to unlawful abrogation of the Supreme Law. These are acts of insurrection punishable through a lawfully enacted Article III tribunal, known as the judicial branch.

It is meaningless that the President, DoJ Staff, and his alleged co-conspirators in JTTF, DHS, and the DoD Joint Staff have failed to prevent this insurrection; or that they believe their rebellion against the rule of law is permissible. It is illegal. It will either be ended through voluntary surrender, or foreign fighters will use the continued defiance of the Supreme Law as a catalyst to continue their attacks on American interests in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere.

* * *

The President has no lawful power to enforce the illegal military commissions Bill. Anyone on the DOJ Staff or US Attorney office who chooses to enforce this illegal act can be prosecuted for war crimes. It is not unprecedented to prosecute attorneys for failing to prevent war crimes. This occurred at Nuremburg and Ludwigsburg.

This President has already illegally called American citizens illegal combatants, and has illegally been supported in the unlawful violation of Geneva to continue war crimes against American citizens. It makes no difference what the Attorney General or President pretend what has or has not happened.

Foreign fighters accept that the American government is out of control. Foreign fighters assume that the US government, in this weakened position facing the prospect of war crimes, has no other option but to destroy the American system of laws.

The President, DOJ Staff, and Congress have illegally stated that there is no judicial review for accusations. This means there is no lawful, civil way for any nation to resolve disputes, except if the Americans agree to resolve that dispute on the battlefield. Foreign fighters have no other option but employing deadly force against those who enforce illegal acts and statutes.

* * *

The GOP rebellion and insurrection against the Constitution has left foreign fighters and American citizens few options. Where we might have amicably resolved these issues in the court, or presented evidence, the GOP has refused to permit the courts to review the evidence of the Republican Rebellion.

Other than combat, the American leadership leaves few options for Americans to resolve these disputes. Ideally, it would be nice if the American government accepted that judicial review is a requirement; otherwise, the only option is for foreign fighters to lawfully target American leadership, command and control, and further decimate American interests.

Despite the combat losses in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Republican insurrection is not deterred. The Republicans have yet to explain to anyone how they plan to implement any defense of their rebellion; or insulate their insurrection from judicial review, or additional combat losses on the battlefield.

Foreign fighters understand that the Republicans, working illegally in concert with US government policy makers and analysts have illegally engaged in insurrection and defiance of the Supreme Law and laws of war. Foreign fighters understand that the United States cannot credibly target, suppress, or destroy others who outnumber them.

The threat of detention and abuse is meaningless. The abuses have inspired foreign fighters to take up arms, destroy American military hardware, and force Americans into retreat. The continued use of illegal American military force means there is no lawful way, but combat, to remedy the violations of the laws of war.

America's Constitution remains. The problem is the US government, illegally working in concert with the Republican insurrection, pretends the Constitution does not exist. They are incorrect. It is the Constitutional principles of fairness, accountability, and respect which inspire foreign fighters to lawfully oppose that which is unfair, beyond judicial accountability, and disrespectful of the law.

Stunningly, the American government works secretly with insurgents, while openly rebuffing efforts to American citizens to resolve this matter civilly. American negotiators are working from a position of weakness, and refuse to listen to the rule of law or reason.

The laws of war permit foreign fighters to work with anyone to protect the rule of law, assert power, and prevent the abuse of authority. The American government has failed to protect the Constitution.