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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Plenty of time to violate the law; no time to be civil

It's interesting to contrast what Americans will spend their time on.

If they can be paid to do something nasty, they're for it; but when it comes to doing something that makes sense . . .

Look at what AMericans refuse to spend time doing:

- Planning for disaster relief [Katrina]

- Planning to wage lawful/successful wars [Iraq]

Look at a list of what AMericans do spend their time doing:

- Propaganda against AMerican civilians

- Creating camps to detain people

- Violating the rights of others with illegal surveillance

- Violating the laws

- Planning illegal wars

It's not that they can't plan. It's that despite being paid, they'd rather spend their time doing what is most anti-social.

What a messed up country. Messed up people.

* * *

Notice the contrast: Both sets of plans rely on the same faulty arguments:

  • A. "It won't hpapen"

  • B. "It's just a plan"

  • C. "This is just a contignency."

    Wrong. These are actual plans to detain, and commit abuses against AMericans.

    They are not hypothetical. They are real, and desigend to be used.

    When there is a problem, the plans fail; and there have to be adjustments.

    It is disturbing how quick people in America are to ignore the real planning for illegal war; and dismiss the plans for abuse against American civilians.