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Saturday, September 10, 2005

White House distracts attention from DoD Katrina forecaster bungling

The latest trick is for the White House to dispatch poodles like Senator Santorum.

The trick: Blame the forecasters. But that doesn't add up: DoD has forecasters and were well connected through the Joint Staff to the White House and FEMA.

National Weather Service has shot back, the Union doesn't agree with Santorums efforts to reform.

For the record, the NWS issued a warning on 28 September 2005, clearly showing Santorum has his head up his ass.

DoD has some explaining

Let's put aside Santorum's idiodic remarks, and focus squarely on the Department of Defense weather forecasters.

DoD pays PhD students to attend universities to get training on weather forecasting. DoD also has vast sums of money it appropriates under various DoD programs to enhance weather forecasting equipment.

If the weather forecasters, despite all this DoD funding and training, "couldn't" figure out what is going on, then what is to be said of the DoD investment?

Surely, the forecasters aren't more concerned with their private family concerns; surely the DoD forecasters don't have a "wall" between them and the White House.

The White House and its moronic staff/lawyer poodles have instant telephone access anywhere worldwide. All the President has to do is tell the White House operator he wants a weather update, or he wants to talk to one of the PhD holders in DoD.

Within minutes, the President will talk directly to ever he wants to talk to.

DoD has a problem: It's weather forecasters don't play well with FEMA. Then again, why expect anything else from a bureaucracy whose idea of "oversight" is to silence those who dare use their brain and notice reality.

DoD is on the radar, just as Hurricane Katrina was those few short days ago off the coast of Florida. DoD spends alot of money sending personnel to Florida to study hurricanes.

Not surprisingly, DoD can't get these resources into place and keep Senator Santorum "up to speed" on what is going on. They have enough trouble keeping their own lawyers in "the loop" on who is on the FEMA organizational chart.

The Republic Party is a failed source of leadership and organization. Let's hope the Democrats are taking good notes.

If we are to believe that the White House and Satorum "didn't know" what is going on, it is time to get the DoD IG engaged to figure out why so much money is spent on wehather forecasting, but so many in "positions of leadership" are so clueless.

The White House and DoD clearly need wooden spoons.