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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yellow cake..Er, ammonium nitrate: The White House credibility problem

This week’s latest White House propaganda is no different than Yellow Cake. The new spin is that someone plans to buy 100,000 tons, yes…tons of ammonium nitrate.

Recall what Ambassador Wilson said about the yellow cake. There was no way to do it.

So too does the ammonium nitrate story not add up.

No trucks

First, there’s the simple problem of 100,000 tons. McVeigh in his yellow Ryder truck had two tons. If anyone has 100,000 tons “just floating around”, that means there has to be 50,000 trucks.

Recall the ghost trucks in Iraq. Those convenient “bio labs” Powell swore up and down were “proof” of the “imminent” Iraqi threat. There were no bio trucks. No even a few.

So, today we are asked to believe that someone is moving around a ghost squadron of 50,000 ammonium nitrate trucks. But “nobody knows where they are.” Mind you, this comes at a time when people simple standing waiting for a bus are accused of crimes and thrown in jail for going about their business.

The argument that there are these 50,000 trucks rolling around is problematic.

Missing paper trail

Plus, the other major problem with this ammonium nitrate argument is the fiction that “somehow” all this planning, ordering, and shipment are going on, but there is no record.

Think about Ambassador Wilson’s comments about the Yellow Cake. In order to physically move the Yellow Cake, there has to be a paper trail.

We have no paper trail with ammonium nitrate. If there was one, they wouldn’t be talking about it. They’d be investigating and only announce the facts and details after the successful conviction.

I see no defendant. I hear rumors. Just like Iraq.

What’s going on? Well, need to look at the “new information” in light of the other news floating around. JTTF is chasing Boy Scouts, ignoring specific threat information against by-name targets, and at the same time “their man” in the White House is under a cloud of an impeachment over war crimes.

Plus, next month is the President’s Budget submittal to Congress. Happens every year. And this year the forces lobbying for more funds for local-level Homeland Security funding need a “new cause” to stir up Congress and the Committees just prior to the spring budget mark-ups.

Also, consider the extraordinary attention given to these lasers. This isn’t a new phenomenon. What is new is both JTTF and the local law enforcement are looking for new excuses to not do their job.

It’s all part of the “divert attention from the White House’s war crimes” plan.


The DEA story about ammonium nitrate is baloney and has as much credibility as the WMD tales out of Iraq.

JTTF and local law enforcement know that they need a new “big story” to justify continued funding for programs that should otherwise be eliminated.

The strategy is to continue to make up stories to get funding to support programs that, on their own merits, deserve to be cut.

The post 9-11 era has ended. We have 150,000 deaths in Asia. Law enforcement realizes they are no longer first in line, especially when “their man” in the White House needs more help to avoid accountability for war crimes under his command.

Their strategy is to make up more stories. To divert. And create the illusion of a “new threat.”

It’s the same game. There was no Yellow Cake. There is no order for 100,000 tons of Ammonium nitrate. And the Senate and House Committees are getting set up to take this ridiculous story hook line and sinker.