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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Swedes send a love note to Dreamworks


Ref Anyone can threaten legal action and make contact with someone in regard to a legal issue. In fact, the courts prefer parties use threats of lawsuits as an inducement to settle out of court and avoid costly litigation.

There's no basis to bring a claim against Dreamworks when legal counsel writes a letter; again, this would be up to the Swedes to prove.


Also, the other problem with the letter is that Copyright laws are international. It remains to be seen how Dreamworks handles this.

State Attorney Grievance

The state bar is not the same as the forum for attorney grievances. Even though they threatened a counter-suit for harassment and might notify the California Bar for frivolous legal threats [not that that is actionable or a valid claim, but anyway...].

If they truly had an attorney, then it remains unclear why the attorney didn't write a response ... as counsel cannot interact with represented parties, nor did the Swedes identify a specific legal counsel to direct other matters.

They had a nice salutation.