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Monday, December 27, 2004

What kind of democracy are they dying for?

The troops love this war. Their lovely war. But what kind of democracy and nation are they really fighting for?

A nation whose leaders....

...wraps themselves in the flag. A flag it dares not let anyone photograph when draped upon the coffins of those who fall in its defense. As if embarrassed of the reminder.

...lament when young people don't get involved; but when they do, lock them up in abandoned bus stations on the Hudson. As if exercising those rights remains a threat.

...feign concern the public is not serviced; then goes out of its way to ridicule the citizenry relying on the promise of public service. As if respect were an unacceptable standard.

...speak of checks and balances; then accuse those who dare check...of treason. As in a holy man were no longer holy.

...invoke the name of sacrifice; but when the citizens sacrifice to assert rights, their liberty is sacrificed. As if a religious threat from eastern provinces.

They fight, not for country or democracy. They applaud when fighting for the leadership.

These leaders no longer serving the constitution, nor the democracy. They serve themselves. To which the troops gladly enter the meat grinder.

More gold stars. For saddened mothers. Remember what they really died for.

A myth. Not principle. But for something that will send more without regard to the number of gold stars won.