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Thursday, December 23, 2004

National IDs: Can the be stopped, or are they already here?

The Patriot Act II bill already has provisions calling for a national ID.

Yet the "debate" is whether or not there should be national IDs. The horses have already left the barn.

And, US forces are already practicing using the ID-system in Fallujah. Iraqi males who are "suspicious" have their retinas scanned and have to carry an ID card.

No choice. Arbitrary standards. Simply ironing out the kinks before going global.

Which company was under contract to develop that system? You'll have to wait and look at the ID you'll be carrying.

It will be printed on the back. Big letters. Saying, "too late to do anything."

Why law enforcement loves them

National IDs are a good thing. Law enforcement will now have more excuses not to do their job. "Oh, we can't take care of that problem, we're chasing legal Americans who have forgotten their ID cards."

Mind you, ICE law enforcement gets paid big bribes to "can't find the illegal ones". Requiring people to carry ID's isn't going to stop terrorism. Those 9-11 terrorists were legally in the US.

State Legitimacy

Requiring free people to carry a document is unrelated to whether or not terrorism occurs. Those bent on terrorism know how to forge documents. They also know how to legally do what the US cannot stop.

Whether the US wants to admit this is another matter. But the interim solution is to impose the consequences for the security problem on those the government has the duty to protect.

If the government cannot achieve that security objective and do so in a manner consistent with the constitution, it remains unclear why the democratic nations call themselves legitimate.